Tuesday, December 01, 2009


...and I mean that literally. A cold wind howled all night, which made for nice sleeping but didn't do my heating bill much good. It's a bit warmer today, but it's still blowing out there. There might be a little getting hot under the collar in the office today, but why ruin a perfectly good Tuesday by talking about that? I'm chillin'.

Enjoy the tune and have a merry, Happy Tuesday.


G-Man said...

You should be grillin and chillin!
If you wuz a Moonshiner, you'd be Distillin and chillin!
If you was in accounts payable..
You'd be billin and chillin!
If you were an executioner, you'd be killin and chillin!
If you manufactured your own lumber from trees, you'd be......

(You get the picture...:P )

Serena said...

Galen waxes poetic today.:-)