Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This Ain't Kansas Any More

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I'm grabbing my ruby slippers and running like the wind with Toto! Seriously, life is weird. We had this crazy client come in yesterday who refused to leave 'til he saw Boss Lady. I've avoided him since he confessed some murderous fantasies to me, and Boss Lady's scared of him, too, so I had to sit in on the meeting. I guess Boss Lady and I were kind of bodyguarding each other.

First thing yesterday morning, Skank Girl and I discovered that our computer system had been seriously compromised. Somebody (at 8:30 last Thursday night, according to the date stamp) had actually created a new folder on the hard drive and hidden all our client files in it. It took a while, but I managed to find it and get it restored back where it belongs.

Also, I learned that Boss Lady gave poor Real Estate Guy an eviction notice last Thursday afternoon. I think I see war clouds brewing.

Today, we have a birthday party at work. We're having lunch brought in, and there will be cake. Whose birthday is it? Well, a couple of months ago, Boss Lady hired a friend of hers to ostensibly help with bookkeeping. Her real job is to keep Skank Girl from stealing. Today, this lady is 76 years old! Lord, I have way overshot Kansas.

I say we stop here and listen to some music. You think?

Have a great Tuesday, and do try to stay this side of the rainbow.


G-Man said...

Dorothy...I can't play your Vid!!

Maybe your Sabateur traveled to Michigan?

Anonymous said...

your life
sounds a bit like
an episode of some sitcom
that i never see on tv any more

but the way things are going, serena, i'm kinda thinking we all should head on out to kansas and just see where THAT takes us


× × ×


Anonymous said...


Serena said...

Well, hell, Galen, I couldn't play it, either. Therefore, I've switched to another version. It's not as good, but you get the idea. Damn saboteurs.:)

I think I'm living in a soap opera, /t. Nobody would believe it if I tried to sell it as fiction. LOL. Was the Doh for the bum video? I've fixed it. Happa Tuesda!:)

Roxan said...

I went to sleep in Kansas last night and now I don't know where I am!!! LMAO

Serena said...

Just stand still, Roxan. I'll come find you. I've got those damn ruby slippers now. Just don't take any candy from Munchkins. They're treacherous little dudes. Randy, too.:-)

Anonymous said...

the DOH!
was for the
slippery g-man
beating me to your
#1 blog whore status
by less than 1 lousy minute

i know he does it just to be annoying ;)

× × ×


Skunkfeathers said...

Tune in for the next episode of "The Skanks of Our Lives", when the birthday party becomes an Animal House food fight, and the computer tries to sneak out for a liasion with the traffic light control box on the corner...

Serena said...

Ahhhh. I see, /t. So we're revving up for a Battle of the Blog Whores? LOL!;)

You crack me up, Skunk! I'm putting a chastity belt on my computer. I don't want to see any dangerous liaisons.:-)

g-man said...

Boo Fucking Hoo!!!

Serena said...

Having a bad day, Galen? BFH is my motto, you know.;)

Astrology said...

How do I turn the spooky music off so I can listen to the Black Crowes?

Astrology said...

omg. That sounds terrible!

Serena said...

Scroll down to the post with the Halloween game in it, Astrology, click options, and turn the music off. I'm thinking maybe I should just delete that silly game.:)