Monday, October 19, 2009

What Would YOU Do?

Good morning and Happy Monday. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Let's take a poll today. It may at first blush look morbid, but I daresay we all think about this subject at least from time to time. In these uncertain times, how can we not? Just take a moment to ask yourself -- What would I do? -- and choose your answer.

If you were forewarned today that civilization as we know it would end tomorrow, how would you spend today?
Gathering supplies to survive as long as possible
Fleeing to somewhere that might be safe
Calling everyone you know to say "I love you"
Stashing books, art, and other objects that might be crucial to future generations
Fortifying your home
Stockpiling food, fuel, and weapons
Go to bed and just let it happen
A combination of some of all of the above free polls


Skunkfeathers said...

After making all my phone calls, my last phone call would be to my favorite Chinese delivery place for my favorites...then sit on the patio, noshing contentedly and awaiting waddevah...

Serena said...

Sounds like a good plan to me, Skunk. Whatever happens, might as well be well fed.:)

g-man said...

I'd travel 631 Miles.....

Serena said...

And a Safe Zone would be there, Galen? Will you be picking up hitchhikers?:)

Anonymous said...

my plan is
not on this list



× × ×


Serena said...

Even if your plan isn't on the list, I'm sure it's a good one, /t. Happy Week!:)