Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Strange Brew

The weekend was a witch's brew of surreal events, and it carried right on over into Monday.

Friday, I had a bad headache, possibly the result of nightmares Thursday night. I had to go to the store because I had forgotten to buy dog food, but that was about the high point of that day.

On Saturday, we started hearing news reports that the husband of my step-cousin was wanted on murder charges. What happened is that my 52-year-old step-cousin and her 48-year-old husband supposedly went on vacation the end of June. When they hadn't returned by July 13th, his father filed a missing persons report on them. During the course of that investigation, a body was found on the 17th near the home and the murder charges were filed. Nobody was sure who the victim was pending identification of the body by the medical examiner. Neighbors and family members, however, were saying that it was my step-cousin. The ID was made official today; it was her. Nobody knows where her husband is. We don't even know what evidence the police have that he did this or how they're sure he also hasn't been killed and his vehicle stolen. This is unbelievably shocking because these were the last people something like this would be expected from. From all appearances, they were devoted to each other. Obviously, this seems like one of those things that happen to "other people" and -- not real.

Then, when I arrived at work yesterday morning, the Boss Lady's husband was there to inform us that she'd had what appears to have been a mini-stroke on Sunday and was in the hospital. Although she lost some vision, she suffered no paralysis and it seems to have been fairly mild as far as strokes go. As of late yesterday, word was that her vision was gradually returning. Yesterday was a mad scramble to call courts, attorneys, and clients to cancel, reschedule, and shuffle stuff. We don't know how long she's going to be unable to work, so we did manage to get a couple of local attorneys onboard to cover some cases that can't be put off. Hopefully, she'll make a full recovery and get back to work and the practice will remain viable and we'll all keep our jobs.

Now I'm sitting here waiting to see what's going to happen today -- unless maybe the powers that be decide that I've had sufficient excitement for the nonce.


G-Man said...

Strange days indeed Sherry...

Lets hope that no strangeness rubs off on you!!

Cause you are a bastion of Sanity!!

Have a pleasant and quiet day...G

NYD said...

I'm a little surprisd you aren't blaming this on the solar eclipse.

A mini stroke. You could call it a strike.

Things are a little odd on this side of the puddle as well.

Stay stoked and don't stroke or strike or be struck or....ah yeah, time for bed.

See ya!

leelee said...

Hey Miss Serena..just dropping by to say Hey! Hope all is well...sorry I've been absent...but I am going to try to be back..lol...hope all is well..

isn't it funny that the name posted on the wall in the video reads "THE Cream"

HUGS girlie!

Serena said...

Geez, Galen, I don't have to worry about it rubbing off on me. I'm already strange. I did have a relatively quiet and pleasant day, though.:)

Well, you know, NYD, it's a relative certainty that the solar eclipse is the culprit. There's no full moon out so, yeah, has to be. I was neither struck nor stricken nor stroked out today, so I'm good to go. Nighty-night!:)

Hello, Miss Leelee! It's so nice to see you out and about. I hope all is well in your little piece of the world. Hugs back at 'ya, girlie.:)

Skunkfeathers said...

All will yet be well, unless you return to work on the 'morrow, and find a sign in the door: Caution -- Free-Range Crotch Cricket Crossing -- Step With Care

Serena said...

Well, Skunk, I suppose that's better than walking in to a sign saying, "Caution - Wet, Bloody Floor.":)