Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good Music & Bad Words

Perhaps if we begin obsessing about Spring, it will actually come. Eventually. And preferably sooner rather than later. Every little bit of effort counts, and it sure can't hurt. Enjoy the music, and Happy Day After Hump Day; i.e., Thursday.

TWISTED LINGUISTICS has some bad hombre Words Gone Wild blasfomys to test your defining skills today.

shouldn't be allowed to bred


Skunkfeathers said...

for us here on the Front Range of Colorado, the 'worst' of winter is yet to arrive (usually end of Feb through mid April). Yesterday -- January 21 -- we had 73 degrees.

That's, I say, that's ABOVE zero.

And it ain't global warming ;)

Kanrei said...

eveidence- Proof Eve had the Apple

shouldn't be allowed to bred-

merder- killing of a mermaid

shooken-what a fish does on the hook after being caught


illistrator-a sick drawing

VE said...

I'm ready for spring. Brings me one step closer to my Caribbean cruise in April. Hanging around skiing and blogging all winter can by trying...

Serena said...

73, Skunk?! I am so damn jealous. I don't hate you, though.:-)

Those words were hard, Kan, and you made me laugh with the ones you got.:)

You, I might hate, VE, with your taunts of April Caribbean cruises. Any room for stowaways?:)

G-Man said...

Niiiice Music....
Sounds like something from PBS...
Not that it's a bad thing....:-)

Just give me ONE decent week-end.
I'm golfing and riding!!!!!

g-man said...

and Riding.

Serena said...

Soon, Galen. Spring's GOT to come sometime and then you'll have at least one decent weekend and then you can get the bike out and you can RIDE. And ride.:)

NYD said...

I am thinking along the same lines as Skunkfeathers. Here in the mountains of Japan we are usually inundated with snow, but it's been raining on a daily basis. I feel like I am living in Seattle!

Hey! Your clock's run out!!

snowelf said...

I'm going to start obsessing about spring. For sure! :)


Serena said...

I have 60 degrees and no rain today, NYD, so I'm quasi-happy. I know the clock has run out. I've just been too much of a hoser to remove it. Soon. Maybe.:)

It's a good thing to obsess about, Snow.:)