Monday, January 26, 2009

Break Time

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It's Monday everywhere in the world, except where it's already going on Tuesday. I'll probably survive it, and so will you. Happy Monday!

I've been busy, harried, and a little overwhelmed. Consequently, I'm in dire need of as much down time as I can get, so I'm taking a brief hiatus from blogging. I have more going on than I can keep up with, so a little reorganization is definitely in order. I know you must be getting tired of my kamikaze posts that don't say much of anything. Clearly, what's left of my brain cells need a little time to regroup, so I'm going to give it to them. I'll be around to visit all of you, though, in the interim. I'll be back in a week or so when I get all my mess cleaned up.

Until then, hasta luego, cocodrilos.

I'm giving you guys all the TWISTED LINGUISTICS blasfomys I've collected over the past few days to do with as you will. Normally, I caution against abusing the poor things, but what the heck, the rules are suspended. Except one: if there's bloodletting, you have to clean it up.

hositals are teaming with germs


G-Man said...

Send me a Post Card...:-)

Mona said...

send me one too!

have a good break serena! You deserve one!

(This G man is yahtzeeing around today!!)

dons_mind said...

feet up, relax, nice bottle of chardonnay or merlot, little josh groban in the background.....

enjoy...... :)

Serena said...

Will do, Galen.:)

Okey-dokey, Mona.:)

Wine gives me heartburn, Don, but otherwise, sounds like a plan.:)

puerileuwaite said...

I'm not sure what a "cocodrilo" is, but I'm going to assume it's a sign of affection and NOT an insult.

Serena said...

LOL, Pugsley. I meant to say, "See you later, alligators," but the translator apparently didn't know "alligator" and gave us "crocodile.":-)

Skunkfeathers said...

I'll save you the postage ;)

Rest up, enjoy, and rejuvenate!

Serena said...

Thanks, Skunky.:)

VE said...

Take a break...don't burn out. You deserve it. Remember, only you can say they were top commenter on my blog last year. You've earned your rest!!!

Serena said...

Rest is great, VE. I'm not soliciting brochures from rest homes yet, but my brain cells are relaxing.:)

Kanrei said...

Enjoy your break, but be careful. My one week break turned into blogging once a week. Make sure you return please!

Hale McKay said...

So when the hiatus is over - you should have gathered many funny and interesting things to put in your (waiting with baited breath) next post - we all know your brain won't be relaxing.

Here's a stab at three of those Twisted Linguistics:

declete - to surgically remove a football player's shoe from the body of an opposing player

succomb - an accessory attached to a dust-buster to add a part to one's hair

germaine - there's not much pertinent about that most northeast of the contiguous states

Rest up and hurry back.

Serena said...

Oh, I'll be back, Kan. But maybe not every day. We'll see how well my neurons are firing after the break.:)

But my brain IS relaxing, Mike. And it likes it. Terrific job with those TLs!:-)

quid said...

Hurry back!


Serena said...

I'll be back on Monday, Quid.