Monday, November 03, 2008

ISO Excitement

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Tomorrow's D-day or, more appropriately, E-day. Your vote and mine will count, which is not to say that we as a nation will be any better off regardless of the outcome. I know for whom I'll vote, but I'm not excited about it. I'm not sure whether this is a sign of the times or if it's just me. All I know is that the excitement factor is missing this year, and I find that a bit sad. It can't be good to be so blasé about a decision upon which so much is riding. Unfortunately, I have the distinct feeling that I'm not alone in thinking we'll be voting for the lesser of two evils. Not that either candidate is evil, but you know what I mean. I guess that if McCain wins, we can at least look forward to four years of fun with Caribou Barbie and Tina Fey.

How was your weekend? I had one whole trick-or-treater. There are a lot of kids around, but I'm on the second floor and I guess they didn't care to climb the stairs. Oh, well. My one little "princess" made out like a bandit. I gave her about half a bag of goodies.

The weekend weather was, in a word, splendiferous -- clear, sunny, and extremely warm. It's cooled off a bit today -- 60s -- but this still ain't bad for November.

As you already know, the time changed. Again. At least my internal clock isn't upset and threatening revolution since we changed back to real time. It's the "spring forward" that gets me all discombobulated. I wish they -- the ubiquitous They -- would just agree on what time it is and leave it be.

TWISTED LINGUISTICS has a few discombobulated blasfomys for you today.

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VE said...

WIth my extra hour over the weekend I was able to:

- Track down an locate all the missing socks in my life
- Count how many holes it takes to fill Albert Hall
- Have a slinky race down the Empire State Building stairway
- Go door to door collecting bellybutton lint for the "Friends without lint" organization
- Learn the art of animal balloon making

Serena said...

I wish I'd been so productive with my extra hour.:)

puerileuwaite said...

I need you to vote for me (as a write-in candidate). More than ever, these trying times call for a trying candidate.

Serena said...

I'm told I can be very trying on occasion.:)

g-man said...

Who's running again...?

Serena said...

Spot is! They even wrote a book about it -- See Spot Run. Or maybe it was Fun With Dick and Jane, who were also apparently running a lot. Oh, hell, they all run. Vote for Spot! Or Dick! Or Jane!:(

quid said...

Did it, voted, not blase.

Hillsborough County, Florida... guy who runs the elections used to own a country buffet restaurant. A perfect elections appointment by past governor Jeb Bush. It's Sunday; I think we may have counted all the votes yesterday (yes, yesterday!)so maybe mine "counted" afterall.