Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Word (or 2) From a Weary Woman

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If I ever mention moving again, somebody please shoot me. Lord have mercy, this is hard work. For the past week, I've been sorting through the accumulated detritus in this house. If it's mine and in good shape, I packed it; otherwise, it got tossed. Thank God you can get some pretty cheap trash bags at Wal-Mart. I've gone through a bunch. The movers are coming Friday and I'm still sorting/packing/tossing. You don't even want to know about all the bangs and bruises and cuts and scrapes I've sustained. Plus, I'm sore and cranky, and I don't remember when I've been so exhausted.

Oh, and let me tell you, the expenses are just astronomical. Between rent and deposits for this and that, I've spent a pretty penny. Even moving boxes are expensive to buy. And you don't even want to know what the movers are charging -- plus I'm expected to tip the 4-man crew. Before all is said and done, I'll have spent enough to have financed a revolution in a small country. I think I've made all the calls for various hook-ups, but I still have lots of change-of-address notifications to make. Hopefully, a week or so from now I'll be unpacked and cozy -- possibly even with enough money left to eat.

Have you all missed your TWISTED LINGUISTICS blasfomys? Just to keep you on your toes, I have a few for you. Have fun with them.

maniacle laughter
they charges then a ridiculous fee
low life peace of s***


G-Man said...

OK...here's my take on this tipping business. You are NOT obligated to tip for the sake of tipping. Just like in a restaurant, you tip in proportion to the service given.
If two of the movers are slugs and take their time cause they are on the clock..10 bucks!

If they bust their ass and work hard..20 bucks!!

Hey, you work very hard for your money Sherry. Besides, you ain't moving again for a while....

Take it easy...xoxbgxox

Kanrei said...

I would tip based on the job and not based on the number of people it took to do it, so forget the "4 man crew" aspect and think instead of the job. Remember, they are being paid, so factor that in. I would guess that between $20-40 is a good tip. Basically, that makes lunch on you.

So, where are you moving to? You always threatened my spare room...do I need to start cleaning?

Mona said...

O dear, just thinking of all that packing makes me feel tired!

I hope you will get plenty of rest when you have shifted & settled!

Anonymous said...

tip movers?!?

tip movers?!?

like paying them
to do their jobs isn't enough, you're expected to tip them, too?!?

really, i thought this kind of nonsense was reserved only for failed bank directors

¤ ¤ ¤


puerileuwaite said...

In Europe they never move. Let's move there.

Serena said...

I guess I'll play that by ear, Galen. You know what gets me? I don't see why businesses can't pay their employees enough that customers don't have to worry about tipping them on top of an already outrageous bill. Oh, well. As you say, I don't have to move again for a while. Once I get this one knocked out, I'll see about taking it easy.:)

Do you mean $20-$40 each, Kan? I'm getting advice that I should plan on $25 each, which adds another $100 to my moving bill. Grrrr. I'm moving into a condo, but keep that spare room clean just in case.:-)

Rest seems like a dream right now, Mona, but maybe I'll get some after after it's all done.:)

I know, /t. Isn't that ridiculous? I guess tipping the movers is more palatable than paying for a banker to go to Aruba, though.:)

I don't know how long I'd last in Europe, Puggy. I'm not very good with languages.:)

Skunkfeathers said...

Tipping isn't obligatory; it's optional and dependent on quality of service rendered. Personal opinion.

And yeah, moving is a job best over and done ;)

VE said...

I feel for you. I just went through it myself. It seems like you have to do everything twice too. Nobody ever does anything right the first time anymore. I tipped our movers because they did the work fast and they didn't damage the house or the furniture. That's hard work to be moving all that crap every day.

Serena said...

You're right, Skunk. It'll be best when it's over.:)

I know it's hard work, VE. You couldn't pay me enough to do that for a living. They have a good reputation, so I anticipate a good move. And I will, of course, tip them.:)

NYD said...

I actually like moving. I have done it eight times since I have come to this country. It's a great way to just start throwing away tons of crap that accumulates and of course I use my students as slave labor so it never costs me a whole lot of money.

Tipping? If you want your stuff to get there without scratches or breakage, it's a good idea to trow them a partial before the move starts.

Serena said...

Well, I AM looking forward to being de-cluttered, NYD. The rest of the moving process is back-breaking labor, though. Thank God, it'll be over by tomorrow night.:)

FANCY said...

Moving - get all your fingerprints to a new place, that is so assume...it is the "thingy" you have to do before who can nearly kill. All that nostalgia who come over you when you touch things you have not even take a look at for years - memory's. ... ;)

G-Man said...

Good Morning Sherry!!!!
New Place
New Life
Monday Morning...Same Old Shit!!


Mona said...

Good Morning Sherry!!!!
New Place
New Life
its only Sunday morning
No shit yet, Relax !


quid said...

Having moved in February... I do not envy you. I'll get in touch by email to discuss events leading up to the momentous decision.

Hope you are keeping well...