Monday, September 01, 2008


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Yeah, okay, it ain't Paradise. It's not even close. It is, however, Labor Day -- which means no labor around here. And thank God for that. I'm tired and feeling just generally drained. Maybe I need some vitamins.

Hurricane Gustav is blowing into the Gulf Coast today. Luckily, it looks like it'll be only a Cat-1 -- which is plenty bad enough. As I watched news footage of New Orleans evacuating yesterday, it occurred to me that if New Orleans doesn't take a direct hit and escapes relatively unscathed, people are going to complain about being evacuated. Yet, if they hadn't left and the city took the brunt of the storm, they'd complain about that, too. If they lived through it.

I'm not which is worse, Gustav or ... assurances that FEMA is standing by. FEMA scares me plenty.

Gustav has caused a huge disruption to the Republican National Convention. I'm not a Republican (or a Democrat, for that matter), but I can certainly understand the dismay. The Democrats had their shining moment, and this was to have been the Republicans'. They'll still have it, albeit delayed, but it does rather take some of the shine off the moment.

Happy Labor Day.

And now how about you labor over these TWISTED LINGUISTICS blasfomys and see what you can come up with.

earthquackes - Mud ducks.

stradigy - Tragic tale of an expensive violin.

well enogh
bite her on the nick


snowelf said...

Happy Labor Day to you Serena Joy, bask in every indulgent moment of an extra day off. :)
And thank you for my b-day wishes :)


I got pasta primavera...

Compared to most people, you are very active and health conscious.
You take care of yourself and try to live the best life possible.
You are an open minded and experimental person. You are always looking for ways to improve yourself.
Your tastes tend to be ultra modern. You know of trends before anyone else has spotted them.


quid said...

Happy Labor Day....

Unfortunately it hit as a Cat 2, close to 3. Looks like a lotta damage, but no catastrophe like Katrina. That's New Orleans. It actually hit to the west, and there's little or no info coming outta all those "Tabasco" small cities on the coast. And it'll continue to tear up LA and West Texas through tomorrow.

I think we've already had enough, this season!


G-Man said...

Why does this Hurricane have a German Name?
No wonder it's so severe!!
How about Hurricane Jeff?
Hurricane Percy?
Hurricane Oliver?
Hurricane Mike?

Serena Joy said...

Happy Labor Day, Snow, Miss Pasta Primavera.:)

I realized after the fact, Quid, that it was actually a 2 and not a 1. It looks like the whole Gulf Coast is in for a rough time. It doesn't look like it's going to be as bad as it could have been, but it's still plenty bad. Hope you're okay in Tampa.:)

I don't know why he has a German name, G-san. Because they knew he was going to be full of Teutonic fury? I think there's been a Hurricane Mike. I think he did some damage, too.:)

puerileuwaite said...

I'm working on a sequel to "House of the Rising Sun". Here are a few working titles:

"House of the Sinking Foundation"
"House of the Rising Insurance Premiums"
"House of the Descending Cat-3"
"House of the Missing Roofing Material"

Serena Joy said...

Puggy, I guess it's good that you're not working on a sequel to "The House of Serena Joy," some working titles of which might be
- "The House of the Mightily Pissed"
- "The House of He Said WHAT To Her?!"
- "The House of Where the Hell's That .45 Ammo"
- "The House of Her Descending Wrath"

Sling said...

Happy Labor day serena!
I think that after Katrina,most people would adopt a 'better safe than sorry' attitude towards evacuating.
At least I would.

NYD said...

I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go...

We don't get labor day here so I hoping that you rested enough for the both of us.

Everytime I hear about hurricanes I am glad I live in the mountains.

Gustave. Sounds like "he" should be tearing up Europe, not the southern coast.

Mona said...

Happy labor day Serena!

Serena Joy said...

Happy Labor Day, Sling. I know I always feel better safe than sorry. Hopefully, those folks will, too.:)

I did rest a lot, NYD; not sure if it was enough for 2, but I did my best. I live in the mountains, and we get broadsided periodically by hurricane remnants. It must be different in the Japanese mountains.:)

Happy Labor Day, Mona.:)

Skunkfeathers said...

Eh...death, taxes and politics are NEVER going away, even when in the path of a hurricane named Gustav, as opposed to a himmicane named Beulah...whatever ;)

Hope you enjoyed your Labor(free) Day; I woiked, as I always do on Mondays...just a landless serf and wee cog in Da Macheen...

Serena Joy said...

Sorry you had to work today, Skunk. Happy Labor Day, anyway.:)