Friday, September 05, 2008

The Friday Playpen

One Or The Other Survey - Fun Myspace Survey

One Or The Other Survey

chocolate or lollies - chocolate

strawberrys or bananas - bananas

pink or purple - pink

yes or no - yes

5 or 9 - 5

dog or cat - dog

awake or asleep - asleep

fast or slow - fast

dark or light - light

angel or devil - devil

hearts or stars - stars

airplanes or cars - cars

up or down - up

loud or quiet - quiet

crazy or shy - crazy

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My Random Name is Granola Jimothizing.
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Your Superhero Name Generator is

The Sophisticated Enigma

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dianne said...

Hi Serena, I see you over at Pugs very often and enjoy your witty comments...if you have time please come and visit my blog. :)

puerileuwaite said...

To heck with the so-called "Superhero Name Generator". There's no damned way I'm going to fight crime as "The Unsophisticated Enema".

Roxan said...

Ridiculous name: Granola Pranny

Superhero: The Charming Mime

"She who fights injustice and being cut off on the highway with a mere gesture of her middle finger."

Anonymous said...


that's my
superhero name

just /t.

or sometimes /t. and cookies

but that's not why i'm here

i'm here to say

TGIF serena joy!


¤ ¤ ¤

just /t.

Serena Joy said...

Hi, Dianne. I've seen you at Puggy's place. Thanks for stopping by, and I will come and visit you.:)

Oh, jeez, Puggy, I don't blame you. You can't show your face in public wearing that superhero cape, fleet of foot though you may be.:-)

LMAO, Roxan. You got the name I should have gotten. I even think I have a cramp in my middle finger from over-use.:-)

TGIF, /t. And if you'd like to bring some cookies along with that /t., bring it on.:)

G-Man said...

Quiet and reserved.
Sherry does not talk a lot
She Loves Chocolate!!!

Have a Great Week-End Red...G

Serena Joy said...

I may not talk so much, but I do get my point across; correct, G-san? No worries, I'm going to try to give my thinking cap a rest and have a good weekend.:)

Mona said...

Granola? don't we have eating bars by that name ? :D

& my random name is Remoticons Jimothizing

Can you figure that out for me Serena?

NYD said...

One Or The Other Survey

chocolate or lollies - Atkins
strawberrys or bananas - I'm Bananas

pink or purple - Fuschia

yes or no - Yes, but only on saturday night.

5 or 9 - 5 Noooooo! Anythingthat looks like 9 to 5 is a No No

dog or cat - cat

awake or asleep - awake and screaming about it

fast or slow - I go at my own pace.

dark or light - light with two sugars.

angel or devil - Munchkins

hearts or stars - Footprintts in the sand

airplanes or cars - slow trains and sailboats

up or down - both, to excess

loud or quiet - both, to excess

crazy or shy - crazy as a loon!

G-Man said...

Good Morning Sherry...
I hope your brain is well rested!

Serena Joy said...

No, Mona, I have no idea.

Those are true NYD answers, NYD.:-)

It was, G-san. Right now it's feeling bruised and seeing colors again.:-)

Charles said...

chocolate or lollies - chocolate, because I hate lollygagging.

strawberrys or bananas - strawberrys, nanners give me cramps.

pink or purple - Pink, especially "Get This Party Started."

yes or no - Boolean algebra says "yes."

5 or 9 = 13

dog or cat - Depends on who's cooking.

awake or asleep - awake, the only state that dreams can come to reality.

fast or slow - slow, fasting leaves me hungry.

dark or light - same thing, just different shades of gray.

angel or devil - angel, we are talking about which we'd rather see, right?

hearts or stars - clovers, of course there's moons and now rainbows.

airplanes or cars - airplanes, if its going over me.

up or down - I'd rather throw-down than throw-up.

loud or quiet - quiet, always quiet.

crazy or shy - both.

Anonymous said...


serena joy

just stopping by
to say you're looking lovely today in chrome!

¤ ¤ ¤


Serena Joy said...

Hi, Charles. Boolean Algebra? I don't think I do that.:)

Yo, /t., and thank you, kind sir. I'm looking into chrome which {hangs head at being exposed for a technological dolt} I only heard about today.:)