Monday, May 19, 2008

Who Do Voodoo? You Do?

I've recently learned that there's a 24-hour shop in Portland, Oregon, called Voodoo Doughnut. And the motif includes some of what the name implies -- voodoo for you (and your tummy). There are other themes as well -- like weddings. And if the wedding thingie goes south, you can always come back and get the "Voodoo," which is a doll-shaped doughnut with raspberry "blood" filling. And you don't have to pay extra for the little pretzel-stick stake through its heart. How perfect is this? Every time somebody ticks you off, you can go buy a doughnut, mutter whatever sympathetic magic you wish to ensure the offender's continued bad luck, poke it with the little stick wherever you please, and then eat the evidence. Yummy! And nobody will ever know what you've done. Not, anyway, 'til all those doughnut dolls start showing up on your hips and thighs. I can't believe I'm just now hearing about this. I think every city needs a Voodoo franchise. I know that if we had one here, I'd certainly be a loyal customer.

So, how's your Monday going so far? I'm setting this to auto post while I'm at work and chances are I won't see your replies 'til later this afternoon, but I still want to know if you're having a typical, better than usual, or worse than normal Monday.

Here's how we can make it a Monday to remember. Please, please write me Voodoo Pastry Poetry!

The Words Gone Wild rounded up by TWISTED LINGUISTICS are neither better nor worse than usual. They just ... are. Like the poor, they will always be with us, so we might as well enjoy them.

beacuse - One of the ubiquitous excuses that Aunt Bea makes.

Saten - A lesser evil.

diabetic commas - Sickly, sluggish punctuation.

resopsibile - Bread that's strong enough to sop up multiple plates of gravy.

dorable - Cute, but not terribly durable.

do it weel
one hundard
tummy sergon
wedding reings


VE said...

Ha! The hometown donought place. That's typical of Portland. We have people that drive around with "Keep Portland Weird" and thanks to places like this is (in a good way).

Bilbo said...

None of today's Twisted Linguistics opportunities especially inspire me, but how about some Voodoo Pastry Poetry:

There are people you like,
There are those you disdain,
There are those who are pains in the butt.
But what can you do
When they're bothering you?
You can levy the curse of the donut.
The pretzel-stick stake
Is all it will take,
You stick it like Little Jack Horner,
It's not quite as fun
As explosives or guns,
But it won't draw the wrath of the coroner.

Bilbo said...

On second thought, here's one for the Twisted Linguistics:

casteration: the act of removing wheels from a piece of furniture to keep it in one place.

Anonymous said...

voodoo donut

deep fried ring
of batter with pins in it

maybe some of those little sprinkly things on top :)

¤ ¤ ¤


Roxan said...

Raspberry. What is with chefs and raspberries? Every time I watch a cooking show they have raspberries in some form. I hate raspberries.

Mona said...

I hate raspberries too!

Serena I am sure now that I have been voodoocast by someone. My may bruises have begun to reappear in my elbow & left leg!

I think I have been multiple voodoo cast till infinity!

Serena, Monday has been full moonish for me... you know what that means with the subtle nuances & all...

When Voodoo pastry screamed
"Bean there , done that!"
I could feel accidents a la Mr Bean
Right at the place where I sat!

Kanrei said...

Do it weel?

"Yes" cried the Nawleans cupcake daddy.

Campiong at one hundard calories per hour baby,

A tummy sergon cannot compete against the sweet carmel high priestess delight

Casteration is payment enough for this Eunich enriched pastry souffle

Wedding reings and bridal cakes complete the decedent array

Poliete people pass on the pumpkin Voodoo pie

Darogitory and all baby


Kanrei said...

PS- that is my Voodoo Pastry Poetry mixed with today's TWISTED LINGUISTICS entry. Can you dig? I knew you could. The shovel gave that away.

Serena Joy said...

VE, you lucky dog, you. I will not rest 'til there's a Voodoo Doughnut in my town. If you ever stop in and get yourself a Voodoo, please take a picture for me.:)

Bilbo, my hat is off to your Voodoo Pastry Poetry. It's most delectable.:) Casteration now makes sense to me, too.

Sweet verse, /t. In my opinion, the sparklies really enhance the Voodoo experience, too.:)

I like raspberries, Roxan, but for those who don't, I'm sure strawberry or cherry filling would work equally well. It's the thought that counts -- and the little stake that will drive the point home.:)

Mona, honey, there's an excellent reason why you're feeling full moonish. Tonight IS the full moon! If only I could get my hands on one of those luscious Voodoo pastries, I'd see if I couldn't unVoodoo you. Love your whimsical verse.:)

Kan, you are back in the saddle! This is what I love to see out of you. You not only gave me verse, but you used the Words of Eternal Damnation to do it. Bet your bippy I can dig it. It -- it resonates.:-)

Charles said...

Flaky outer layers,
Gooey Filling,
Its not a turnover,
Its Zombies illin'.
Not from Dover,
Not from Detroit,
It's hurting immensely,
'Cause it once was a boy.
Parts fell off,
The worst was its 'toy,'
Now there's no proof,
It had ever known joy.
Its not really pastry,
Even though when he was living,
His mind was toasted and baked.
Ah, crap. Why'd I write this?
Now I want cake.

Serena Joy said...

Charles, thank you for a bang-up job of Voodoo Pastry Poetry. I love that! It not only made me laugh but also made me want cakes and pastries and ... sugar. I need sugar!:)

G-Man said...

Come hither you gooey filled 'Brownie-Boy'..
Come get licked by Serena Joy..
Chocolaty belly all filled with Cherry..
Yearns to be sucked out by the beautiful Sherry?
A tasty treat that will not be forgotten..
It so wants to be devoured by Miss Begotten..
But it's a Voodoo Brownie, and it has great power!!
(After penning this prose, I need a cold shower!)

I hope I've met the requirements of your request Red....xoxox

Serena Joy said...

Well, I gotta hand it to you, G -- there's some powerful imagery in that there poetry about magical mystery pastry. Hmmmm. Send me Voodoo brownies and you'll have met the requirements with extra Brownie points left over.:-)

Skunkfeathers said...

My Monday sucked ;) Be that as it may, here's a word I should have included in Vocab X (now posted):

- a week long refusal to obey by your dog
- a constant, far as your cat is concerned, who considers your dog a wuss the other 51 weeks
- what folks are doing with with time off and gas at $4.00/gallon

G-Man said...

Be careful what you ask for, I am well known for fulfilling requests!
Especially from Zombie Queens that hold certain 'Powers' over me!

I need Brownies NOW!
The Zombie Queen has spoken!
You are powerless!!!

(ashen faced, and lifeless eyes, he Googles...Voodoo Brownies)

Gotta please the Queen..
Gotta please the Queen..
Gotta please the Queen..

Serena Joy said...

Sorry you had a sucky Monday, Skunk. I think staycation means (a)- a week long refusal to obey by your dog.:)

What, G, those brownies aren't here YET? Google faster!:-)

Hale McKay said...

I think somebody bought and used one of those voodoo doughnuts in my behalf - because I had a bad Sunday and a not much better Monday today.

No details - but I survived - maybe a little worse for wear - but I survived.

The after effects have turned the creative juices into a viscous mush though.

Serena Joy said...

Oh, dear, Mike. Those viscous mushes are some bad mojo. Sorry you've had a bad couple of days. I think you really need one of those Voodoo doughnuts. Even if the voodoo doesn't work, it'll taste good.:)

Hale McKay said...

I should qualify the part about Monday. It was a bad day until at about 5pm when I was offered a free ticket to a Red Sox baseball game.

I almost turned it down because it was cold. Thankfully i went - and saw the Red Sox' Jon Lester pitch a no-hitter!

Now had I not gone ..... I would've have missed some baseball history.

Serena Joy said...

Good for you! At least the day wasn't a total wash.:)

Corn Dog said...

This is hilarious and you know how badly I need this

Serena Joy said...

I'm glad you got a laugh or two out of it, CD, and I hope it helped.:)