Monday, May 12, 2008

A Monday Hodge-Podge

That's the front of a Mother's Day card I got. I thought that was an adorable picture. Inside, it says, "If I'm the Princess, you're the Queen. Everybody wins!" Naturally, I loved it.

Randall Lee Smith (May 8th post) is now dead. He was found deceased in his jail cell. Deputies said it didn't look like suicide, so death may have resulted from injuries received in the car crash prior to his arrest.

It was so chilly yesterday that I turned my heat back on. Despite the cool temperature, there was thunder and lightning throughout the day, accompanied by high winds and a deluge of rain. While I was at my mother's (always a trip), thunder actually made her house shake. Oh, and we had tornado watches, too. There were four tornados within a 100-mile radius of here just Thursday night, so that wasn't welcome news. Weirdness. I am fully expecting one of the nearby mountains to start spewing lava any day now.

I didn't feel like going back to work this morning. I haven't had enough rest yet! Probably I shouldn't have done all the work around the house that I did Saturday. That wasn't very conducive to R&R. House looks pretty good, though.

Last on my litany of this 'n that is this: today, the price of a postage stamp rises to 42 cents. Forty-two cents! In the grand scheme of things, that doesn't sound like much. But -- $0.42 to mail a letter? Come on! What additional services are we receiving for these annual price hikes? Trying to predict how long delivery will take is still a crap shoot -- unless you pay for Priority mail. The mail still doesn't come sometimes 'til dinner time. I still frequently get my neighbors' mail, and mine still gets delivered to them. Thank God, I can make most of my payments online these days and don't have to mail them. How much do you want to bet that by 2012, a stamp will cost 50 cents? I can guarantee you that I'll be mailing only things that can't be e-mailed, paid online, or delivered to the recipient directly from the vendor.

We have Words Gone Wild (and GIGO Grammar) today. Of course, we do!

desapears - These are pears.

messanger - Hissy fit caused by sloppy housemates.

give teachers tenor - Providing instructors with singing lessons.

probadly - In favor of bad conduct.

Any thoughts on these, boys and girls? Define 'em if you dare.

trailor park
crime rate has went threw the roof
bathing suies


Bilbo said...

trailor park - the decision to be made by a private detective who must either shadow his target in the rain, or remain warm and dry in his car.

crime rate has went threw the roof - more new, quasi-literate criminals are hanging out their shingles every day.

volcao - really, really hot chocolate.

sholders - pantyhose with extra support for the derriere.

speachless - s'wonderful, but s'not peach preserves.

bathing suies - a major part of the Miss Swine USA competition.

NYD said...

"I'm shakin it boss!"

When it comes to dealing with athority I always turn to Paul Newman for advice.

Taxing a dog...Maybe that's why we all be so darned dog tired alla time.

/t. said...

britney's desperation

girls in swim goggles -- hot!


¤ ¤ ¤


Kanrei said...

trailor park- a place where the white trash tailors meet.

crime rate has went threw the roof
volcao- a Hawaiian insurance company

sholders- added support backpacks

speachless- when words don't quite reach their audience

bathing suies- when the runner up does not agree with the results of a beauty contest and goes to court

VE said...

Considering the price of gas now and the costs of physically delivering mail using fuel for airlines, trucks and other vehicles I'll bet they have had to take that additional penny in the shorts profit-wise. I'm seriously waiting for the fallout of costs on everything else to go up as a direct correlation of the gas prices. How can they not? I used to enjoy driving down to California; it was about 9 hours to the SF Bay area and a nice drive but the cost to do that now doesn't make it enjoyable at all. I wouldn't even consider it now.

Serena Joy said...

Effing &*%^#$ Blogger ate my #%^$%# comment before I could save the &$%^(*$ thing. Grrrrrr! Now I have to try and recreate what I said. Stupid effing $&^#%$* Blogger!

Bilbo, your "trailor park" is pure perfection. Reminds me of Mike Hammer. And I'm laughing my butt off over your "bathing suies." Suuuu-eeeeee!:-)

When it comes to advice, NYD, yep, I guess Paul Newman would be the one to ask. I think you're onto something regarding dog tiredness.:-)

Good catch on "desapears," /t. Goggles are hot? Hmmmm. I don't know about you.:-) Happy First Day of the New Week to you, too.:)

Kan, I'm loving your interpretation of "bathing buies," too. And "volcao!" What else could it be?:)

I see what you're saying, VE. I wouldn't have minded giving up the extra penny if stamps hadn't already been 41 cents when they made the grab. I think you're exactly right that the cost of EVERYTHING will rise in direct correlation to the gas debacle. I hope you do get to do your SF trip. I plan to suck it up and continue 6-hour drives for family visits every now and then.

puerileuwaite said...

Because I am crazy about you, I will make you the following offer: simply mail all of your outgoing correspondence to me, and I will mail it out using the postage meter at work when no one is looking.

Serena Joy said...

Oh, goodie, Puggy! That's a plan. I just love doing stuff clandestinely. And don't worry -- if you get caught, I'll post your bail (in person, not mailed). Fair's fair.:)

Roxan said...

trailor park-where Irish Traveler tailors sew their wares.

Serena Joy said...

LOL, Roxan. Good one.:)

Skunkfeathers said...

how's about postrage: angst over 42 cent stamps ;)

G-Man said...

Trailor Park..
The Vice president of South Korea

Crime rate has went threw the roof..
This happens in a town where everyone locks their doors and windows!

(Gomer Pyle on The Wheel of Fortune)
Gah ahhhly Pat, A'd like to buy an "N" please!

Euphemism for a jock strap!
(sometimes they are called 'b'holders)

A phenomena that always occurs when Sherry walks into a room!

Bathing Suies...
Fat chicks at the gravel pit!!


Serena Joy said...

Yeah, Skunky, I've got postrage. LOL!:)

Gee, G, you did the words today. I'm proud of you! I love Gomer on 'Wheel of Fortune' buying an "N" for his volcao. LOL. Um, if I'm knocking 'em speachless, I think this calls for a speech.:-)

G-Man said...

Whatta you want?
Funny, or Good Grammur?

Serena Joy said...

G, I'll take funny any time! Didn't Daniel Webster grapple with the devil? I'll bet it was over grammur.:D

Sling said...

People still mail letters in this day and age of the internet?
I bought a ream of those 'forever' stamps!
They disintegrated after 3 days.

Serena Joy said...

Seriously, Sling? Your 'forever' stamps disintegrated?! I hope you took 'em back and raised a ruckus.

Hale McKay said...

It was extremely cold here in the Boston are on Mother's Day. We had wind gusts coming off the ocean almost all day long.

Next time you visit, why not try the game I added near the top of my sidebar. It's called Sheepish - and if you remember the arcade game, "Frogger" - this game plays the same way.

I don't have Skunkie's postrage yet - I bought 15 books of the Forever Stamps when they first came out. I anticipated that there would be an increase in postage not long after. Now it looks like there will be an increase every year.

I'm set for a long time.

Serena Joy said...

I should have bought those "Forever" stamps, Mike. As usual, I procrastinated. My bad.

I'll give Sheepish a try.:)