Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday: The Maelstrom

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My weekend is extended because of Veterans Day, which means I'm home from work today. It is, however, still ... Monday. Friday and Saturday were a study in hammering and banging and ... wiring. One would have thought that Sunday might be peaceful and quiet. One would be wrong. Yeppers, Mr. Siding Guy showed up around 10:00, ready to commence hammering and banging. The good news is, he finished yesterday! Yes!!! Thank God!! Glory Hallelujah!! No more &^%4*@!% banging!! Only -- why do you suppose I'm still hearing it in my sleep?

During the various workmens' sojourn, a couple of bottles of liquor mysteriously disappeared from my sideboard. What're you gonna do, though? They did a little collateral damage to other areas of the house, but they did fix it, so I can't complain too much. I'm just glad it's over.

Ladies (and gentlemen who are so inclined), I'm bringing back Dressup Thursday and moving it to Mondays. You know what that means -- you have to tell me what you're wearing. I'm not at all embarrassed to tell you that I'm wearing black sweats and fuzzy pink slippers. I was thinking of putting on a tiara, but that seemed a bit much for my date with the vacuum cleaner. Yes, it's true. I didn't do jackshit all weekend so I must do some work today.

Despite it being a Monday and a holiday, TWISTED LINGUISTICS rounded up some pretty wonky Words Gone Wild.

serioudly - Seriously loud.

beautiufl - Quasi decent looking.

crearures - Chinese animals.

statisitics - Data on how many people have tics.

that's tue - Not quite a lie.

pyschic - Pie is fashionable.

This is my favorite today:

a hoar with herpes - An icy-white hooker with sores.

To all of you who are veterans, thank you and Happy Veterans Day.


Camille Alexa said...

But realize with my new and unimproved blogging schedule, this means I might never participate in Dress-Up Mondays (since I usually only hit the three or four posts back when I get to you on Sundays.

It being 7:17 am [my time], I am still in bed. I think I shall decline to say what I am wearing...or not.

Kanrei said...

Lucky day off. I am wearing a blue polo shirt and jeans. Black shoes and belt. Oh, and multi-colored boxers.

Top cat said...

We had our siding replaced some years back and I remember the constant hammering.

I'm wearing light colored khaki's, a brown and black sweater and white tennis shoes.

Charles said...

I'm wearing all black, T, Sweats, underwear.

[What're you gonna do, though?]
Uh, report it to the business owner. There's no reason they should be allowed to get away with thievery. Dishonesty such as that makes the business look bad (although it probably was) and is a definite reason for termination.

Corn Dog said...

Are they still around? Can you set out some more liquor bottle within their grasp with bait in them, something nice like doggie poo?

Charles said...

Bailey's with syrup of ipecac.

Serena Joy said...

Oh, dear, Camille, I don't know what we're going to do about this scheduling problem.

Under the circumstances, you're excused from disclosing what you're wearing ... or not.:)

Kan, you got the holiday off? Good for you! You finally got one!! Your outfit sounds appropriately casual and the boxers match. You pass muster.:)

TC, your outfit also passes inspection. Sounds very laid back, preppy even, and comfortable. That hammering around the house can be awful, can't it?:)

Charles, you're not working undercover for the government today, are you? I like black (as we all know by now), and it sounds comfortable.

The only problem with reporting it to the company is that there were people from several different companies on the premises at various times. It could have been any one of them.:)

Corn Dog, you and Charles have both provided good ideas for bottle baiting. Next time.:)

VE said...

How is it that you have the day off and I'm a veteran and am at work??

Serena Joy said...

I'm a veteran of a few domestic wars. Does that count?:)

Jack K. said...

Jeans, long sleeved polo shirt and my most comfortable slippers.

Thanks from a veteran.

Serena Joy said...

Jack, you get an "A" for comfy attire. And thanks TO a veteran!

Hale McKay said...

Right this minute? I'm decked out in jeans, a flannel shirt and my moccasin slippers.

This veteran also worked on Veterans day. It was my first day back to work after being laid up for the previous week.

Good news though. The antibiotics worked their magic. The swelling is gone in my leg, the red discoloration is gone, and I have been able to lose the cane.

Thank goodness it was just cellulitis and not a staff infection - or worse that horrible MRSA that's going around. I didn't realize how bad that thing is, but explains why I had so many doctors involved in my case during my hospital and clinic visits.

Yup, I'm back to (abbie)-normal.

Serena Joy said...

Welcome back to the world of (abbie)-normal, Mike. I think everybody's scared of MRSA right now, so I'm glad you didn't have anything like that. Your outfit sounds VERY comfortable, and must feel extra good sans the cane. You get an "A."

Camille Alexa said...

Is it super sad I sleep with the laptop by the bed and whirrrr it up as soon as my eyes open?

No: don't answer that.

Serena Joy said...

If it's sad, Camille, we should start a club. I often have mine in bed at night for a last e-mail check, and crank it back up again first thing in the morning.:)

G-Man said...

What am I wearing?
Tan Shoes/Pink Shoelaces
A Polka Dot Vest
A Big Panama/ A Purple Hat Band!
Nothing Else...!!

(Reality..White Crew Socks, Green Boxers, A Harley-Davidson T-Shirt from Battlefield Harley-Davidson of Gettysburg Pennsylvania!)

I kinda miss ole Junior!

Serena Joy said...

G-man, you get today's award for most casual. Gotta ask -- aren't your legs cold?! I'd be freezing running around in boxers in November.

Junior has gone where all good Juniors go; i.e., to somebody else's house.:)

Sling said...

Grey flannel pants.
Grey flannel robe.
..sitting on my grey flannel couch,watching "wheel of fortune"..
Oh my god!!..I've become my father!

Serena Joy said...

LOL, Sling. Now it's a toss-up between you and G-man for most casual. When I start feeling like my mother, I run and put on something short and tight. Of course, that probably won't work for you... :-)

puerileuwaite said...

Wait. You're giving away FREE hootch in exchange for basic carpentry? I am SO there. I will start with the booze first, and ease my way into into the work portion of the festivities.

As long as you don't mind more banging, since once the effects of the alcohol wear off, that will be my head banging against the siding.

Serena Joy said...

Puggy, next time I need some work done, I'll just buy some booze, call you, and let you start banging away.:)

Palm Springs Savant said...

that sucks about the siding guy showing upon veterens day. yuck. I had to work yesterday. since I missed posting this yesterday, here is WAS wearing: early AM: sweat pants and a sweatshirt ( I was flying back to the West Coast. Early afternoon: Dark green cords,a light green dress shirt and my matching green glasses.

Serena Joy said...

Sounds very stylish, indeed, Rick -- any day of the week.:)