Friday, June 15, 2007

TGIF - Big Whoop

I don't know what I want to do today. It's dark and overcast out, which makes it a good day to perhaps stay in. I could clean the house, I suppose, but -- probably not. I have some new books, but I'm not really in a reading mood. I did do my nails last night, just in case I decide to go somewhere. I mean, it's Friday. I should be doing something out of the ordinary.

Freshly Pinked Nails

I can think of one thing I'd like to do but -- yeah, that'll happen.

See the ring on my middle finger? I happened across it last night while looking through my stuff. It was pretty and I hadn't worn it in a while, so naturally I put it on. Trouble was, it got stuck. Royally. It would not come off -- not with soap and water, not with baby oil, not even with olive oil. I was having visions of either refusing to eat until my finger got skinnier or having to get the ring cut off. Luckily, my fingers are fatter at night and it came off this morning with the aid of a little soap.

So, any suggestions for a day sketched in shades of gray?


paublisher - An impoverished printer.

scenerio - A Tazmanian mating ritual.

plantery - The effect of the solar system on vegetables.

loner car - An automobile that is never driven.

debute - A low-rent debutante.

From that one and only editor person:

wear a discuise
(milk) in the frig

Oh, God yes, please -- edit me!

Boudreaux and his wife were asleep when the phone rang at 2:00 in the morning. Boudreaux picked up the phone, listened a moment and said, "How should I know, that's 200 miles from here!" and hung up.

The wife said, "Who was that?"

Boudreaux answered, "I don't know, some man wanting to know if the coast is clear."

Your Luck Quotient: 71%

You have a high luck quotient.
More often than not, you've felt very lucky in your life.
You may be randomly lucky, but it's probably more than that.
Optimistic and open minded, you take advantage of all the luck that comes your way.


Kanrei said...

Gimme an S
Gimme a L
Gimme an E-E-P

What's that spell?


The cure all for the overcast day.

Liz said...


Sleep until it goes away.

Anonymous said...

That's 200 miles from here. cute.

Serena Joy said...

Alas, I'm not sleepy, Kan. Maybe later, though.

The chocolate would work, though, Liz. I can so see myself heating up the jar of hot fudge sauce and grabbing a spoon.:-)

Serena Joy said...

LOL, Steve.:)

Charles said...


Next time you have a too tight ring on start stuffing the garbage disposal unit, things like that tend to pick such inopportune times to come off.

You need to pick out some more colors for your nails. Colors matching your ankle perhaps?

If the days sketched in gray, then learn to paint in colors, perhaps Impressionism. :)

I'm not even trying the luck quotient, I'll score abysmally on it.

Have a fun day, you have it off.

Serena Joy said...

That's a good idea about the garbage disposal, Charles. I didn't even think of that. This is why it's a good thing I have you guys to think for me.:)

I do have to draw the line at sickly green nail polish. People would be hurling left and right at the sight of me, and I can't bear hurling people. It always causes a sympathy hurl.

Thanks. You have a fun day, too.:-)

Anonymous said...

snuggle under the covers.

Pretty rings, nail polish and you have nice hands.

Your Luck Quotient: 66%

Enjoy your day.

Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

Hot bath and a good book or just finding a few new blogging friends

I like your new picture of yourself. It's great...

Best wishes


Serena Joy said...

Thanks, TC. I think maybe I will snuggle in, in about an hour. Hey, you got a pretty high luck quotient. Yay!:)

Thank you, Annie -- even more good suggestions. Have a great evening.:)

Corn Dog said...

Sashay to the bookstore. Not the major chain. The independant one with the coffee/tea bar where you can sit and have a sip, take in some sights, and gather some 2nd hand conversations.

Serena Joy said...

That IS a good idea, CD. And I can certainly sashay. Why, I learned it from RuPaul.:)

littlebirdblue said...

(milk) in the frig is hilarious. Like Friggin' in the riggin', but with cows. And colder.

Serena Joy said...

LMAO, LBB. I just love saying that: "Friggin' in the riggin'. With cows." Unless somebody stops me, I could even write a -- faux-ku.

Trée said...

Oh my, and I was thinking my birthday just couldn't get much better. I think our tab is moving in the other direction. How am I ever going to repay you for such a delight? :-)

Serena Joy said...

We'll think of something, Trée. Ve haff our vays.:-)

Happy Birthday!

Trée said...

Das ist Wunderbar! Danke, S. :-)

Serena Joy said...

Du bist willkommen.:-)

Lee said...

I love "grey" days...I'm having a purposely lazy day today and probably will do similar it!

Hale McKay said...

We just got out of four straight grey days with some sun today.

I like the Boudreaux stories. He might be a McNugget or two short of a Happy Meal, but I like the man.

Serena Joy said...

I don't mind gray days, either, Lee. I actually like them, but they do make me want to just hunker in.

Boudreaux's a hoot, Mike. Alas, I'm running out of Boudreaux stories. Hopefully someone will send me some new ones soon.:)

G-Man said...

What they call luck
Is simply pluck!
It's doing things over and over..
and Skill
Are the 4 leafs of Luck's Clover....
You Rock Serena!!!!

pinkhippo said...

I had my nails painted too! But it is in Red. It makes my hand looks fairer... lol

Have a nice weekend! :)

Pink said...




smlph? hmm? ah.




(just a suggestion)

Serena Joy said...

Love The 4, G. You rock!

Hey there, Pink Hippo. I'll bet you're one of those girls red nails look good on. I can't pull red off myself. I end up looking like a refugee from a bad zombie movie.:-)

Pinks! Live and in person from NYC this weekend. Are you having a ball yet? Both kinds?:-)

Charles said...

WHA?? no post today about shopping at the Homely Despot?

Serena Joy said...

Sorry, Charles, I'm staying away from the Homely Despot today.:) Maybe I'll think of something quasi-coherent to post after while. We'll see.