Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sexy Is...

What, to you, is sexy? What is a complete turn-off? That was a question posed on one of my boards a while back. I thought the answers, from both men and women, were most illuminating and very interesting. See how many points you agree with, or not. Enjoy the song as you peruse the list, and then share your own thoughts on what does and does not constitute sexy.


Long, smoldering, meaningful looks
Subtle anticipation, heartfelt kisses
He's (or she's) interested in being sexy only to me
Making me feel as if I am the only woman in the room
A slow-smokin' fire between two people that you just know is going to erupt into a spectacular conflagration
Smiles and giggles
The smell of a woman's skin without perfume or other artificial odors
Cleavage - less, not more; just a hint is tantalizing enough
The mystery, not the object itself
Watching a woman cross her legs when she is doing it without thought
Watching a woman walking when her mind is occupied
Competent, thoughtful, smells nice, kind eyes
Just the right mixture of natural light and darkness to discover the highlights of a face while the eyes are still visible
A penetrating gaze and a gentle caress, negating the need for words
Seeing the very essence of a human being, through their eyes, without ever letting them know
Discovering your heart beating to the rhythm of your favorite love song
Swaggering is pretty sexy -- IF it's done unconsciously. If it's deliberate, not so much.
I find a touseled man sexy as all get-out
Attractive women with more than one flaw who don't mind their flaws
Genteel flirting (by someone who knows how), proceeding to artful thrust and parry with double entendres, assuming the atmosphere is right, can be pretty darn sexy

Not Sexy:

Crude and coarse behavior
Catcalls/whistles from strangers
He's (or she's) a player
Suspicion and doubt. If you don't trust me, you don't need me.
Men who flit around like horny weasels
Women who "try too hard"
Hard bodies
Unnecessary profanity
Over drinking
Bad breath
Too much perfume
Torn blue jeans
Bad teeth
Drunken misbehavior
Boastful, incompetent, bigoted, and -- spitting
Trying too much to be sexy doesn't always work. Let nature bring it out as only nature can.
Overdoing vulgarity to the point of coarseness


Trée said...

Realness is sexy. Unadulterated, sincere, genuine, honest as the day is long realness. Now, if we have that foundation, well, then we move on to the nails, neither too long nor too short, polished by one who knows. :-D

Serena Joy said...

Keepin' it real is the ultimate in sexy. And keepin' it honest. Don't call a thing a gazelle when it's so obviously an elephant. Some people forget that other people know Braille and can tell the difference.

Dancing. Sexy.

Oh, and just so you know, it's manicure day.:-)

Corn Dog said...

Jeans are sexy. The old Park Avenue with the peeling paint is sexy. A hot summer day with no clouds is sexy. Lying next to my significant other at night while he reads is sexy. Laughing at a joke so old we forgot why we are laughing is sexy. (or senile)

Serena Joy said...

CD, I think laughing at old jokes -- or private jokes -- that no one else gets is very sexy. Sometimes, like if you're 102, it could indicate senility, but probably not.:-)

Roxan said...

Long hair on men turns my head, can't help it. (This does NOT include a certain romance novel model-he's ugly. I don't do ugly. LOL)Throw back from the 80s. Has to be on the right guy though and no male pattern baldness with long lock either. Ewwww
I'm a sucker for a British, Irish, Scottish accent. I find them very sexy.
What I don't find sexy is butts hanging out of baggy pants. If you're going to have that much ass hanging out, why even bother wearing pants?

Yes, that's right. Roxan CAN think of sexy without dismemberment involved.

Corn Dog said...

Yeah and what is reeeeeally not sexy is those pants way down to yonder and the boxers showing. THAT is not sexy. Pull your pants up guys. No one - I repeat - no one wants to see butt cracks and boxers before the jeans.

Serena Joy said...

I still like long hair on a man, too, Roxan. But it has to look juuuuuuuust so. Of course, I like short-haired men, too. Maybe I should just say I like all men with hair. LOL. Certain accents can blow me away, too; just as some accents make me turn on my heels and run the other way.

CD and Roxan, I concur on the baggy britches. SO not sexy. Why on earth do they think it is? When I see some guy with his pants down to his knees, trying to walk with little baby steps so he won't fall on his face, I just want to push him over.:-)

tfg said...

Intelligence is sexy. I dig the naughty librarians types.

Serena Joy said...

I know you do, T. Are you doing your Dewey Decimal System homework?:-)

G-Man said...

Red Hair is sexy
A Beautiful smile is sexy
Bare Feet are sexy
A fresh manicure is sexy
Brains are very sexy
A sharp wit is sexy
A sincere careing woman, is very sexy..
See the pattern here...?

Serena Joy said...

Galen, my FB... Barefoot redheads, huh? Patterns. That wasn't covered in Home Ec, was it? Because I flunked that. :-)

Trée said...

When to the movies today. As I was walking to the theater, there was a woman in front of me, walking. I slowed down, to keep her in front of me. If I could capture the way she walked, naturally, effortlessly, the way she held her shoulders, the way her hips moved with ease, her bearing, posture dignified, well, if I could tie all that up in a word--sexy! :-D

That woman knew how to walk and if the guy she was with was not bigger and stronger than I, I would have thought about telling her. :-D

Trée said...

I'm still looking for that editor. A sexy one would be good if you know any.

When = Went

Is humility sexy? :-D

Serena Joy said...

Oh, yes, humility is très sexy.

It's probably just as well you didn't tell her. Who knows what might have happened?:-)

Trée said...

Oh I know what would have happened. I would have made a jackassary out of myself with my jackassery. :-D

I don't think she had the nails to go with the walk, so all is just as well. ;-)

Serena Joy said...

See? What I said. She didn't even have the nails, so it would have been wasted jackassery.:-)

Trée said...

Yes, and we never like to waste jackassery if we don't have to. Sweet dreams when you get that far. :-)

Serena Joy said...

No, definitely not. I've wasted some perfectly fine jackassery myself.:-)

Sweet dreams to you, too.

littlebirdblue said...

Sandals w/socks=NOT HOT.
Thinking G.Bush is the greatest=NOT HOT.
Having teen-aged daughters & drooling over their friends=NOT HOT.

Cute Glasses=HOT.
Thinking I'm hot=HOT.

Lee said...

I find a long, firm, smooth back on a man very sexy! I know that probably sounds strange...but there it is!

Anonymous said...

You covered all of the bases.

Serena Joy said...

Good additions, LBB. Socks with sandals = huge turnoff. I've never been able to figure out why guys do that.:)

Not a thing to add, Steve?

Not so strange, Lee. Nothing wrong with a nice looking back.:)

puerileuwaite said...

Sexy: when my dream girl briefly acknowledges that I exist.

Turn-off: when she presses charges.

Sexy:: when the Judge is a good lookin' female, perhaps with nothing on under that robe.

Turn-off: when the only pass the Judge makes is a lengthly sentence.

Serena Joy said...

Puggy, luv, you need to be hanging out in better places.:-)

Oliviah said...

I've read your posts on Trée's blog and enjoyed them so much that I had to come here and see your blog. To my delight, I saw the youtubue (my absolute favorite) on the right side, one that never ceases to bring me to tears. And then this one did the same. I don't know how to do this and I would love to post such things on mine. Is there any way you could teach me how to do this? I have learning disabilities, neurological difficulties and I am wondering if you could teach me simply how to do this. Maybe through voice some how. This would mean so much to me and I would greatly appreciate it. I like the way that you have made this an option rather than when someone clicks on your blog and the music just blasts out whether someone wants to hear it or not. If you wouldn't mind teaching me this I would be so very grateful. I tried to use your email but mine would not work for some reason. I am if you have the time and the patience to teach me. I thank you whether you choose to do this or not. I must tell you up front that my learning difficulties are a major block, so I will not be offended if you decide it is not something you wish to do. I love your blog. I will be adding it to mine if I can remember how to do it.

Oliviah said...

P.S. I forgot to ask who the singer is on this post...and the name of the song.

Serena Joy said...

Hello, Oliviah, and thanks for stopping by. I'd be happy to tell you how to embed YouTubes. I'll e-mail you after dinner with the instructions. Trust me, it's really easy.

The song in this video is "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol. I love it, too.

Liz said...

Shoulders are sexy.

As are Irish accents.

And slightly curly, longish dark hair on a man.

Serena Joy said...

Yes, indeed, Liz. Sexy, indeed. Your description of hair makes me think of John Mayer's hair. Very nice hair.:-)