Saturday, March 10, 2007

Fever -- Spring Fever

The temperature is soaring toward 70 today, and I have daffodils in bloom. This to me constitutes proof positive that I have lived through another Winter and Spring is now a distinct possibility. These factors being in place, setting the clock forward tonight won't seem quite as strange. It would have felt mondo bizarre if, for example, there had been a blizzard today. That is not unheard of. Some of the worst snowstorms I can remember have come in March. I just don't think it's going to snow again this year, though. Frankly, it wouldn't dare. Full Spring is definitely in the air. I can smell it.

Soon, the tulips will be up, and these -- my camellias. I have both pink and white.

Here's a bizarre "Dumb Crook" story. A 26-year-old man was arrested when he was discovered to be carrying a sizeable load of marijuana in his (are you ready for this?) Barbie backpack.

Here's what I've done about the clutter dilemma today: Bupkis. The amount of guilt I feel: Nada.

Twisted Linguistics ran down some pretty good stuff today, and proceeded to slap them right down.

comaraderie - The bond between two people who have been comatose in the same hospital room.

I have boughten - This person has become obsessed with Sir James Frazer's "The Golden Bough." What she meant was, "I have bowed."

discusting - Two guys are engaged in fisticuffs when one throws a discus at the other. The cops came and broke it up, confiscating the weapon.

loool - Laughing out, out, out loud.

ballance of 0 - Someone who doesn't have a ruptured spleen.

catagorize - Gruesome sights sometimes seen in catacombs.

Ark Angels - Victoria's Secret models on a big boat.

Harry Potter author, J. K. Rawlings - Heh.

How fair do you fight?

You Mostly Fight Fair

When you fight, you tend to remember your end goal of resolving conflict.
However, you can get a little too wrapped up in your own feelings.
Remember that there are two sides to every argument.
And even if you think you're totally right, you should take more time to hear your partner out.


littlebirdblue said...

***You Fight Fair***

For you, a fight is not about proving you're right.
Instead, it's about discussing and resolving difficult issues.
You don't look for fights, but you don't avoid them either.
You realize that clearing the air is good, when you go about it the right way.

are those actual pictures from your actual garden? They're pretty--either way.

Hale McKay said...

Hmmm ... I'd better ace "My Little Pony" backpack. Is this another PC conspiracy?

Serena Joy said...

The pink blossoms are in my actual back yard, Camille.

Mike, I'll trade you my Cinderella lunchbox for your backpack.:)

Anonymous said...

Lovely flowers. Our weather is starting to warm up. Getting into the low 50's.

Serena Joy said...

Thank you, sir. Don't worry -- soon, Spring will be busting out all over.

Scary Monster said...

Me be envious. The weather has been crappy here. I've stayed indoors and moped about.

Maybe me should put some flowers up on my screen saver.

Rain said...

Oh how nice to have dafodils now! We are still a few weeks away from that. Enjoy :)

Serena Joy said...

It won't be long, Rain, 'til we all have all kinds of flowers in bloom. Our yards will be a blaze of color.

Sorry about the crappy weather you've had to endure, Scary. Maybe flowers on the screensaver wouldn't be a bad idea. Anything that makes you happy... I have fish on mine, with noisy bubbles. Naturally, I love it.:)

Southern Writer said...

I love camillias. And roses, irises, peonies, gardenias, sweet peas, tulips, hyacinths, amaryllis, gloxinias, hydrangeas, wisteria, lilacs, geraniums, lily of the valley, tiger lilies, calla lilies, Gerber daisies, hollyhocks, delphiniums, baby's breath ... Anyway, yours are gorgeous.

Serena Joy said...

Thank you, Lesia. I love them all, too.