Saturday, November 04, 2006

Snark Moon Coming

Didn't we just have a full moon? It seems like no time at all, but the next one hits tomorrow night. That would explain why I woke up feeling restless and slightly snarky this morning, I suppose.
Baghdad is under curfew and extra security is in place, this as the clock ticks down to the verdict expected tomorrow for Saddam Hussein. Does anyone really think extra security will stop the increased violence and bloodshed we can pretty well anticipate? As for the curfew, I learned how to sneak out after mine when I was a teenager. That's not going to stop anybody hell-bent on committing some insurgent violence. The verdict will be "guilty" -- that's a foregone conclusion. I would expect to see hostilities escalate all over the Middle East in its wake. I think the entire situation is going to get much worse before it starts getting better.
There's a guy who holds a Ph.D. in Anatomical Sciences and is a tenured professor of Anatomy at Idaho State University. He also just happens to be a researcher-cum-authority on Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, the fabled ape-man of the Northwest deep woods. The Bigfoot legend, of course, dates back centuries, and I reiterate -- legends don't get started and perpetuated for no reason. That means, yes, I think there are still things on this earth we know nothing about, and I think it's not impossible that one of them lives in our North Woods.

In any case, over the summer, 30-plus anal-retentive professors signed a petition criticizing the university for hosting a Bigfoot symposium where the aforementioned Bigfoot enthusiast was the keynote speaker.

The professor pays for his research himself, by the way, so he's not depriving the other disgruntled profs of anything. He does have one distinguished supporter in the person of Jane Goodall, the world-famous authority on African chimpanzees.
We have a few Twisted Linguistics to play with today. Not a lot, because I haven't had much time to go Words Gone Bad surfing and neither has Roxan. Her mother's memorial service was today.

spacific - The way walls are spackled on the West coast.

cooliest - A gathering of rice paddy workers.

perorgative - The word according to Orgative, a society of twisted Linguistics wrestlers.

meloncholy - A very sad melon. Watermelons are especially prone to the condition; not so much cantaloupes.

gheto - An "almost" ghetto.

Her Magesty - The Queen of the Maggot People.

younster - The age in between puberty and adulthood.

albiet - A game played in Albania; Al be "it," not you.

Nevertheles - The outer reaches of Lower Neverland.

bachground - Birthplace of Johann Sebastian Bach.


RexZeitgeist said...

Saddam will meet his maker soon and it will not be a happy homecoming for Saddam......I wonder if he will become Satans lover, like in South Park......

I hope so....

Serena Joy said...

He will meet his fate. I'm just afraid it's going to trigger more (and bloodier) warfare. Whether Satan will think he's cute remains to be seen.:)

RexZeitgeist said...

The verdict will be any minute now......I have been waiting for this day for along time....17 years


Serena Joy said...

I guess it is already Sunday there, huh? 17 years -- has it been that long since Desert Storm?

I think there's no question about what the verdict will be. The sentence, however, is another matter. They might go with prison rather than death just to avoid inflaming the civil war that's already raging.

Kanrei said...

Of course...the full moon. No wonder I have wanted to kill today and yesterday. Thanks. It also explains my lack of interest in updating today. =D

Serena Joy said...

Yes, that's exactly what it is, and it can be killer. I put extra tinfoil on my head, which helps. You might want to give it a try. :)

Re updating, it's better to date up than date down, am I right? Sheesh, I was beginning to wonder if you'd eloped with one of the bridesmaids last night. LOL.

Kanrei said...

LOL, It was a weird night for me. I cannot post about it because people I work with read my blog and might take it the wrong way.

The wedding was in a Spanish Catholic Church. I had never been in a Catholic church before. I did not catch any of the wedding and did not know they were married until they kissed. Some weird service stuff with lighting candles and the crowd chanting followed by a parade around the church. Very surreal.

Serena Joy said...

When you say Spanish Catholic, does that mean the ceremony was conducted in Spanish? I've been to a couple of Catholic weddings but I don't remember any chanting. And definitely no parade. That does sound surreal.

Kanrei said...

100% in Spanish. I was on the phone with a friend after having a cigarette and he told me to get closer to the church because they would "shoot a gringo in a suit" there.
Atleast we know I am not the Anti-Christ since I could enter the church. You may not have worried, but I know plenty who were =D

Serena Joy said...

Sounds like it was a total trip. And I'm really glad you didn't get shot, gringo. LOL.

We may have to flip a coin for the Anti-Christ deal. I've been getting a lot of really mondo bizarro religious spam. And remember that Dr. Whozit? He (or someone on his behalf) actually had the cojones to auto-subscribe me to some ultra righteous Yahoo group. I took care of that real quick. I did NOT appreciate it. I do not for a second think I'm hellbound, either. Hmph.

Speaking of hellbound, what's up with this devil-possessed beta blogger? I'm having to log in for every single comment -- on my own blog. Hmph.

Steve G said...

Good post. Just saw on the news, he got the death sentence by hanging.

Serena Joy said...

I just saw that news, Steve. He richly deserves it, of course, but things are likely to get worse in the area. The never before religious Hussein waving around the Koran no doubt sent a message to the jihadists.

Moristotle said...

Your mention of Saddam's trial reminds me that on my way to work this morning I stopped by the recycling center, where I chatted briefly with a lovely woman whose car had the window sticker: "Impeach Bush/Cheney."

I said, "And not only impeached, but convicted, and sentenced to a few years in jail!'

She said, with some feeling, "I'd like to see them hanged with Saddam."

If a "lovely woman" feels this way, you have to wonder how widespread the sentiment is in America.

She added, "Big day tomorrow, the election."

"Yes, I said, and we'll never know how many electronic votes Rove had switched...."