Sunday, November 05, 2006

She-Bop, She-Bang

From "She-Bop," Cyndi Lauper

Hey, hey -- they say I better get a chaperone
Because I can't stop messin with the danger zone
No, I won't worry, and I wont fret--
Ain't no law against it yet--
Oop -- she bop -- she bop--

For some inexplicable reason, that's my Earworm today. Go figure. She-bop, do-wop. She blogs. Or, in the case of William Hung, She Bangs. Yes, that was an occasional Earworm for a long time. Poor William. He was so ridiculous you just had to love him. He's just so ... cute.

She bangs, she bangs
Oh, baby when she moves, she moves
I go crazy 'cause she
Looks like a flower
But she stings like a bee
Like every girl in history

("She Bangs," Ricky Martin)
This is a new one on me --
It's an obituary Web site, in its 8th year of operation. Apparently, it carries obituaries for the roughly 2.4 million people who die each year and provides guestbooks for condolences. They're having a problem, however, in the form of snubs and nasty postings. For example, Jack drops dead and sympathy posts come in from two dozen mistresses, each of whom thought she was his one and only. Rut-row. I know one guy who will have this very same problem when he kicks off, too. Rut-row.
Today's Poster Boy, Ted Haggard, now admits that the allegations against him are true and that removing him from his church post was the right thing to do. Says Haggard, "I am a deceiver and a liar." I don't know why these guys even bother to lie about this stuff when they get caught (and there's a lot of it going around, too). I mean, who doesn't know that where there's smoke, there's fire?
I'm always curious about how other writers work. Who among you outlines? Do you find it helpful? Do you consider it mandatory? I just wonder because I've heard some people say they couldn't work without an outline and others say they never use one. I don't outline. I find that, for me personally, it stymies spontaneity. I prefer to just start writing and let it take me where it will.
For today's lesson in Twisted Linguistics, we have:

mermorial - Per Roxan, the credit goes to her daughter for spotting this one on her mom's memorial pamphlet. (If it were up to me to define it, I'd be looking at mermaids.)

synonimous - Group for Sinners Anonymous who wish to camouflage the sin part.

cnotinued - See? It's not in you after all.

dperessed - Removing the peress from something; as in, give me your nicely creased pants and I'll deperess them pretty fast.

operatunity - Well, duh. What else could that be but a chance to go to the opera?

Oh, dear. I just had to come back and add this one as just seen in a PA author's press release. It seems she/he is offering "physic readings." All I want to know is (once I find out what it is), where and how much?


RexZeitgiest said...

Haggerd is one sick guy.....Just think of how screwed up he has to be to lead a evangelical church by day and be a meth smoking randy gay by night.....

That is allowing yourself to go over to the dark side completely.....

Serena Joy said...

It's the hypocrisy of it that galls me. You can't stand in a pulpit and preach to people about sin and then run out for your meth and prostitute fix; in other words, tell them not to do it and then go do it yourself. That's just disgusting.

RexZeitgiest said...

AMEN SISTER! I am with yo all the way.....The mighty fall hard, they have a longer way to drop....


Kanrei said...

He says it was his own inner demons he was fighting that caused him to attack gay people in general. He is a self-loather. The definition of one to be honest. I am not say all are, but this guy certainly was and admitted to as much.

At least no more Kerry or Foley...

Serena Joy said...

And -- and szvgqymh!

Don't get me wrong; I'm no saint. But the thing is, I never claimed to be. What this brazenly hypocritical man did is an insult, a slap in the face, to every single member of the Evangelical movement he founded.

Serena Joy said...

I think you're right, Kan. The TV shrinks (who no doubt have their own demons to battle) will have a field day with this one.

Kerry and Foley take a backseat today, true, but there's always tomorrow. Haggard will abdicate his seat of dishonor to a new recipient soon enough. There's always another one waiting in the wings.

Roxan said...

A physic is a medication, usually a catharic used to purge the bowels.
I guess if tea leaves can be read then heck, why not shit?

Serena Joy said...

LMAO, Roxan. I guess it could be done, and then write a PA book about it and offer online readings as well. It's a nasty job but I guess somebody's got to do it.

Kanrei said...

I never have outlined before, but after the Charlie story I am thinking it might be helpful. Charlie is the longest thing I have written yet and I found it hard to remember those little clues I put in it.
My next one I am going to have an outline for. I will let you know if it works any better.

Steve G said...

Hope you get that earworm taken care of. He would drive me crazy.

I tried an outline once. Didn't get past the first couple of chapters and I didn't stick to it. I prefer to let it flow where it wants.

Liz said...

Upstoons - that's one of mine. I was talking about people living in flats and I said, 'They want to make friends with their upstoon's neighbours (to get a better view of teh firework display).

Liz said...

I haven't heard about Haggerd but I've picked up the idea from your posts.

We none of us are saints but some have further to fall than others - like off the Empire State rather than the pavement kerb (where I am!)

Oh my word - mcmcwumw!

Serena Joy said...

So we have one vote for outlining, and Steve votes against. There is, of course, no right way or wrong way. I do find outlining restrictive. I know I can start out with one goal in mind and completely change direction after a few chapters. For me, it would be counter-productive to stop and try to outline where I'm headed next. I use notes, couldn't function without them. That works for me.

I love your 'upstoons,' Liz. What a charming word. :)