Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Buckets of Rain (or Confusion Reigns)

Roxan hauled in a few more Word Criminals for us tonight. They were wily and tough and resisted arrest, but she's tougher. She got 'em.

Rememberance - Putting back together someone who's been disarticulated.

nearley - You know where Bubba lives; it's up the road, over near Ley.

Democratiticly - A topless Democratic Convention.

It's still raining cats and dogs. It's depressing. At least it makes for decent sleeping, which I'm getting ready to do.

Blogger's still acting up, and I haven't yet had time to take Southern Writer's advice, but I will. Tomorrow. I suffer big-time from Scarlett O'Hara Syndrome. (I lie; I'm not suffering at all.) And may I say how much I don't like the new way spell-check functions? What was wrong with the old format?

My ISP has been strangely warped this evening. I worked a little Voodoo on it, crossed my fingers, and so far, so good.

There's still no winner in the Webb v. Allen senatorial race. It's so close that nobody's willing to try and call it. At one point, it was 49% v. 50%, with only 300 votes separating them. One minute, Allen's ahead; the next minute, Webb's ahead. I don't think I'd be off-base to predict a recount demand once it's called. We shall see.


Steve G said...

As always, one of the hardest working ladies in blog land. Looks like you may have a recount.

Serena Joy said...

With Webb claiming the win, I'd say a recount is a sure bet since Allen won't go down easy.

Liz said...

Just been listening to the BBC news and they did some man-on-street interviews in Virginia. I was really hoping one of them would be you!

A good day for America though. The commentator was saying that it's been a change in the peple not just skilful campaigning by the Democrats.

Serena Joy said...

Liz, I think what the commentator said is very true. This was the people speaking loud and clear.