Monday, October 16, 2006

"Blood-curdling..." -- Part 18

"I'll give you my firstborn," said Haggis. "How's that?"

"By the gods, woman!" Devorah exclaimed. "Have you no smallest spark of humanity left in you? You would part with your own child?"

"What use have I for children?" Haggis answered, genuinely confused. "They would surely interfere with my ... activities. Plus, they are messy and loud, little more than annoyances."

"Wait," Devorah interjected. "I actually did not know you even had any children."

"I don't. Yet. But Chauve Ane Dedman managed to fertilize some eggs before he went ... where he went. He was an amazingly virile devil."

"More like an insatiable satyr, from what I've heard," Devorah said.

"Aye, but so am I. He served me well. We were a good match."

"Ewwwww. The very thought that he took on a snake makes my skin crawl."

"I always know I'm about to shed mine when it starts crawling," Haggis cackled. "But be that as it may, yes, Dedman did have his uses."


kanrei said...

Haggis is pregers? OK, now she must die. KILL HER DEVORAH

Serena Joy said...

Well, she's preggers in snake talk; i.e., she left a mess of snake eggs incubating back at the hovel. We shall have to wait and see what Devorah decides to do about that.