Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Blood-curdling..." -- Part 13

Haggis, therefore, slithered off in search of the Sorceress, eating rabbits and chipmunks and small strawberry-scented Elven vampires along the way, biting any humankind unfortunate enough to cross paths with her.

After a journey of many days, she at last arrived at the foreboding black stone fortress of the great and powerful Sorceress.

"Haggis One L'mar," said the Sorceress, surprised to see her nemesis of many centuries at her doorstep. "Hark! You have changed greatly, but I know that is you. I would know your black heart under any guise. What brings you here to my kingdom?"

"I wish your help, my lady," Haggis said in as conciliatory a tone as she could muster. "I must look like a woman again."

"You are purely ugly, 'tis true," agreed the Sorceress, she being a lady who did not lie.

"You always were direct, weren't you?" Haggis said with a scowl.

"I do not mollycoddle facts," the Sorceress retorted.

"How well I know. Can you help me, Devorah? Will you?"

*If you've never heard of Elven Vampires, see


Steve G said...

I read the entire story at the site you sent. Must say I enjoy it more here. A continuing tale. Bravo.

kanrei said...

Don't help her! On behalf of the strawberry scented Elven vampires world-wide we must insist that Haggis remain how she is.

Serena Joy said...

Thanks, Steve.

Sorry, Kan, her fate is already pre-ordained. Which does not preclude bringing her back next year. In fiction, anything is possible. I am but a lowly lemming, of course, so I'll need help.:)

Anonymous said...

Nothing is pre-ordained my friendly editor. You changed people's tales for a living =P

Serena Joy said...

Au contraire. I didn't change anything. I just screeched like a banshee when something sucked and waved the rejection wand over it. LOL.

I do have the power of life and death over Haggis, though. I think it's now pre-ordained that I have to bring her back next year.

Oh, man, WordVer hates me today. It's been giving me hellish words all day long -- like itghyxv.:)