Saturday, September 30, 2006

Just Wastin' Time

It's been one of those surreal kind of days. When I got up this morning, the sky wasn't yet sure what it wanted to do today. It was a slate gray, shot through with ominous looking cloud banks but threaded with iridescent rays of sunshine. It looked sort of reminiscent of a Fellini movie set. It finally made up its mind shortly before noon to go blue and fair for the rest of the day.

After putzing around all day, I laid down on the couch this afternoon for a 15-minute nap. Why is it that I can lie in bed at night and toss and turn for hours before finally being overtaken by sleep? When I laid down this afternoon, I fell asleep so quickly and so solidly that I didn't wake for over an hour. And I only awoke then because my cell phone started beeping its low-battery warning. In fact, I jumped straight up because I couldn't figure out what the heck it was for a couple of minutes. That, of course, woke the dog, who gave me one of her imperial "Why are you bothering me?" looks.

I'm still trying to get acclimated. I swear, it feels like a Sunday to me; has all day. Tomorrow, when it really is Sunday, is going to seem like an "extra" day to the weekend.

I have to get busy. I have a partial to send out which has to go via snail mail. That means printing. Clearly, I'm not going to make it to the Post Office today. I want to have it ready to go Monday morning, though. I'm going to get that done, and then sit back with another few chapters of my new Repairman Jack novel.

Saturday WGW:

deap - The depth of your grave when you're dead.

mysetries - This one's too mysterious to figure out.

budy - A friend with a Buddha-like physique.

flalling - The flailing about and falling one tends to do when being flogged.

obviouse - When it's apparent that the vowel you're looking for is 'E,' not 'A' or 'I.'

wrost - Chaos wrought by frost.

firght - No. We just don't know. Don't want to know.

vinatge - A unit of weight applied to grapes because, really, tonnage is too much.


Anonymous said...

It's felt like Sunday to me, too. I even took the trash to the curb for Monday morning pick-up, and had to bring it back again when I realized it's still Saturday - for one more minute, anyway.

Good luck with the partial.

Serena Joy said...

LOL on the trash. Today actually does feel like Sunday so maybe we'll both get back on track.