Tuesday, September 05, 2006

But, However, The Sun Also Rises, Too

Words Gone Wild picked up these characters on charges of public redundancy:

I also did that too.

But, however, you can try it, too.

These purveyors of counterfeit words were also rounded up:

it we easier - I'm so glad it we.

nieghborhood - Mr. Rogers is turning over in his grave over that.

having ta single printed copy - And ta-ta to that one.

ligitamate - Whispered information about someone's mate's bad ligaments that got garbled in transmission.

intellegence - New magazine for the androgynous set, combining the best of Elle and GQ.

I will deem a good letter - I deem this literary career dead.

riduculus - Sign seen on a pest control van - Rid-U-Culus. We have learned that a culu is a -- well, butt (in some languages). Are butts now being exterminated?

therse forums - Message board for terse people who drive hearses.

to all who enjoys reading - Mmm-hmm.

repsonses - A person who sells sonses. Sonse being an archaic Gaelic word for luck or fortune, we are prompted to ask whether it's legal to sell fortunetellers.

stopped being chocked by anything - It's good she stopped, because chocking violates the penal code in most areas.


Southern Writer said...

Good grief, I think one of these came from my blog. :(

kanrei said...

I think that every time.

Serena Joy said...

It didn't, I swear. Yours, either, Kan. They've all been coming lately from one particular skanky publisher's message boards. Some stuff's fair game, some's not. There's so MUCH on those boards that it almost feels unsportsmanlike. But not enough to make me quit hunting those bad words. LOL.