Thursday, August 31, 2006


There's been a breakout at the Word Reformatory. These guys are on the loose and should be considered poorly intellectually armed and illiterate. Exercise all caution -- lock your firewalls, stay on your own boards, don't pick up hitchhikers. Don't approach the escapees if you spot them -- they could get all defensive if you ask them to spell their names. If they show up on your site, call the Word Police. Do NOT challenge them to a debate, although holding a crucifix (and a Webster's) in front of you couldn't hurt.

incedent - This one was incarcerated for an indecent incident.

professionalls - This one went to the pokey for being all professional at recruiting for his cult, the Professional Liars Sect.

I know here verey well and I trust here -here is female - Really dangerous character awaiting trial on charges of inappropriate, criminally unstylish cross-dressing and grossing people out.

beable to spin this ander - This one was picked up on a competency warrant and really needs his meds. We have no idea what the fluck he was trying to say.

all the mispellings, it has nothig to do with age - Do not mess with this one. He's an accomplished huckster and can convince you of anything.

inadaquate - Wanted for illegal Viagra pushing.

therapudic - This guy's a notorious pimp. He also has a fixation on ancient exploding islands and could be a potential terrorist.

XX DOSE IT AGAIN - Charged with drug trafficking and suspected of being incestuously involved with a notorious international purple prose printing syndicate.


kanrei said...

Another day another not on the list. You actually have me checking things twice now when I am not sure.

Serena Joy said...

LOL! So, does this mean I'm, like, performing a public service?:)

Here's something to ponder. I have "Verification" on my Comments to keep bots from posting their links. I find myself actually trying to pronounce some of the letter combos sometimes. jtcylm, xozlly, lmbopiz, ogylly. Kind of makes me feel like one of the inmates at the Reformatory.

kanrei said...

Public service, pain in the ass. The line is so thin sometimes =P

Just kidding

Serena Joy said...

Yowzer! I already need a butt helmet. Voila, no more pains in the butt. There are a lot of very thin lines. Have you noticed that? I walk a pretty thin one a lot of the time. Is that what they mean by living on the edge? I'm babbling and have no clue what I mean. I should go sew lemming parachutes.:)