Monday, August 07, 2006

Rounded Up for Word Rehab

With such a big roster of Words Gone Wild corralled today, I would have been remiss to deprive you of these Most Wanteds.

I sware -- All I can come up with on this one is swaying the mind of a recalcitrant lady.

Authomated -- A supervised breeding program for authors. OR, a cult full of writing automatons.

Numberous -- A bunch of scabrous pirate numbers.

Alligation -- A peace delegation comprised of alligators, currently deployed to the Middle East.

Optomist -- A misty medication applied to the eyes by an optometrist.

Possitive -- A captive possum.

Parrable -- A pair of terrible rabble-rousers.

One's self -- Refers to the duality of the nature of oneself.

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