Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hump Day Heat

Just checking in to say... myspace graphic comments

We had a 2-day break from intense heat, but it began heating back up Sunday. Monday was hot, yesterday was hotter and more humid, and today is miserable. Ugh!


Marion said...

Same here. Hotter'n Hell. Thank the good Lord for air conditioning. Hal-A-LU-YER!! xo

G-Man said...

It rained here finally!!!
And it cooled down to 84..YAY!!!
Stay cooler than you already are Serena Sherry...:P:P

Serena said...

Amen, Sister Marion! If it weren't for AC, I'm pretty sure I'd be running completely berserk by now.:)

Yay, Mr. G-man. So glad you finally got some rain.

Skunkfeathers said...

Working nights and having central AC are double blessings this summer ;-) We'll be back at 100 this weekend. At least we don't have the humidity of the South and Midwest; on the other hand, the fire danger is rapidly returning again :-(

Serena said...

What I've seen of the fires on the news has been just horrible, Skunk. Sure hope you don't have to contend with any of that. Be careful and stay cool!;)