Wednesday, April 04, 2012

"White Wedding," Redux

Princess Dragonfly's comment yesterday about the pole dancing Peep put me in mind of past Peeps posts. This one, "White Wedding," is from March 14, 2008, when I decided to amuse myself with a Peeps wedding tableau on my dining room table. Yeah, I was bored that year.

...or, Peeps in Love

Alfred Lord Tennyson will just have to forgive me for saying, "In the Spring a young Peep's fancy turns madly to thoughts of love."

I had a perfectly suck-ass day yesterday, so I figure I'm entitled to some pure, unadulterated nonsense today. To put it succinctly, my hours have been cut -- again -- and my job ends altogether on May 1. I knew my boss would retire sometime; I just didn't think it would be this soon. Or this suddenly. Now I have to hustle and find something else that I can tolerate. Joy, joy.


corpmany - A pile of dead Peeps.

ilegaly - Peeps lawyers.

Paulitzer prize - Prize handed out for drinking, named after a Peep named Paul.

menatlly disorder - Pathological lying among male Peeps.

terapy - Training Peeps to be more aggressive.

~Yes, I posted way early. I have mountains to move and worlds to conquer tomorrow. Today. Whatever.

I think this video, added today (04/04/2012) is apropos to the theme. Plus, I just ... love it.


G-Man said...

Miss Sherry...?
Are you allowed to wear white at your wedding?
As far as I'm concerned....Yes!

Marion said...

Love the Peeps wedding!! And Billy Idol's "White Wedding" is my favorite song ever. I made the DJ at my nephew's wedding play it and my sister and I sandwich danced a cute, young attorney. He loved it. LOL! Great post. xo

Marion said...

PS: Here's the link for the pole-dancing Peeps:

Serena said...

Well, Mr. Gee, if I ever turn into a Peep and get married again, I'm thinking perhaps I'll wear red.:)

Marion, I hope you have photos of the nephew's White Wedding; would love to see them! Thanks so much for the link. I LOVED the pole-dancing Peeps! Their sparkly little dollar-bill-filled g-strings are too adorable!:-)

quid said...

Somehow I missed this the first time around. You were busy that day!


Serena said...

LOL, Quid. When I'm bored, stuff happens.:-)