Monday, February 20, 2012

Strange White Stuff

We've had a ridiculously warm winter. Saturday, for example, it was 65 degrees. I guess Mother Nature was bound and determined to get a word in edgewise, though. Here's what happened yesterday, to the tune of five to eight inches, with blue skies and sun shining on it this morning. Pretty!


G-Man said...

And Mother Nature hacked up one last Wintry Lugie for Ole Virginie!
Take a pic at 5 tonight from the same spot Sherry. I'd love to see if it's still there...:-)

/t. said...

it is pretty,
but very strange as you
now have more snow than most of canada


× × ×


Serena said...

Not quite the metaphor I'd have used, Mr. G. But alrighty, then. You called it; a lot of it is no longer here, except on the shady side of the street. It got up to about 50 this afternoon.:)

Things are just weird all over, /t., when Virginia has more snow than Canada. Go figure! Happy Snow-Free Week to you.;)

Skunkfeathers said...

Not bad, Sherry, not bad. Now get a storm like the one we got a few weeks back, and you'll have enough to carry you to April ;-)

Serena said...

Oh, I'm pretty sure this will hold us 'til April, Skunk. It's getting up to 70 tomorrow. If I start missing snow, and you get more, I'll just get some of yours.;)