Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Blaze of Glory

Autumn Maple Tree

A Fall chill in the air arrived quite suddenly Thursday night, sending me into a bit of a "nesting" frenzy over the weekend. I -- horrors -- cleaned. A little (I might have done more, but I fretted all weekend about a problem I was having at work). And I got out some warm clothes. And real shoes -- with backs and covered toes. And cut the tags off a new jacket. And ... put a blanket on my bed. It seriously went down into the low 40s at night. That's chilly.

And I, who used to be fairly hot-blooded until I started working in an office that feels like a deep-freeze year-round, even turned the heat on the last two or three nights. I never turn on the heat this early, but it was cold. And I rarely deny myself simple creature comforts, so why the heck not?

There's no rule, after all, about any date certain on which the heat may be turned on. And if there were such a rule, I'd break it first chance I got. Which I may have just done. Score another one for Serena!

This won't last, of course. It'll be back to close to 80 by Friday and I'll have to either rip that blanket off the bed or turn on the AC. The leaves are turning, though, and starting to look like a gloriously colorful blaze of Autumn. I have company coming for the weekend and we may have to do one of those "foliage drives" through the countryside. In shorts.


G-Man said...

This Week-End may be hotter than you think!!
Get those shorts and sandals back out Sherry...:-)

Anonymous said...


gorgeous fall pic

× × ×


Serena said...

Gee, it's not going to be THAT hot; probably high 70s. It'll feel great, though, after the cold snap of the past week.:)

I can't take credit for that pic, /t., but I agree, it's gorgeous. You have a great week, too.;)