Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sign Language

When things go awry, they often tend to go really awry and irritate the entire bejesus out of one's Feng Shui, don't they? It sure seems that way, anyway. I had an awry day yesterday, felt some signs and saw the handwriting on the wall, ended up unloading both barrels on the Senile Senior Partner, and he ... apologized. Not that I believe for a second it was sincere, but he may know now not to mess with me. Too much.

What do you think about signs? Not road signs or Help Wanted signs or Will Work for Food signs. No, I'm talking about subtle (or not) unseen signs of "something coming" that one senses. Do they exist? Are they reliable? I kind of tend to think they not only exist but are eminently reliable. Sometimes they take the form of red flags, and I pay attention to them. Case in point: I've had a rosary hanging off my rearview mirror since the day I bought my car (which, at the time in question, was 7 years), and it had never fallen off. When my sister and I parked at the funeral home the day of our biological mother's funeral, it suddenly fell off, whereupon I turned to her and said, "Oh, God, all hell's about to break loose." She didn't believe me until we got inside. And in the coming days, weeks, and months, she became a true believer.

Anyway, my point is -- I pay attention to signs. And I know them when I see them.

You all ought to check out this site when you have some time to kill -- or some temper to quell. I enjoyed the hell out of it a couple of times at work yesterday, and I have to say, it did help keep the bloodlust down. Somewhat.

Happy Hump Day!


G-Man said...

Please get all of this Anger/Angst out of your system.
Or I might have to start making The Sign of The Cross.. Every day!!

Marion said...

Signs. For sure. I was raised on weather signs, animal signs, every superstition on earth. Yes, Virginia (or is it Dorothy?), there are spirits at work behind the curtain. Tee-Hee. xoxo

Serena said...

Keeps me on my toes, Mr. And ... a little genuflecting never hurt anybody.:-)

Amen, sistah. I'm a believer. I know darn well there are forces behind the curtain. And a smart girl wouldn't dare piss 'em off.:)xox