Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mah Brainz

Black And White Zombies

It got quite warm yesterday -- high 80s -- but the time of year has come when as soon as the sun goes down, so does the temperature. It's been going down into the low 60s at night for the past week or so. That is some fine sleeping weather. Friday, we're expecting a daytime high temp of only 60. Whoa! That's a little premature to be feeling Fall's slight nip in the air, but I'm ready to leave hot weather behind for another season. Bring it.

Not only will cooler days and nights be a welcome respite, but with chilly temperatures, maybe the damn flies will stop stalking me. All Summer, every time I opened the door to a delivery person or had to hold it open for a balky dog who didn't want to come in, I got a brazen kamikaze fly or two. I don't own a fly swatter, so I chase them around with a rolled up newspaper in one hand and a can of Raid in the other. I should close the blinds when I do that, because I'm sure I must look like a lunatic. I had one of the nasty little intruders last night and it took me nearly half an hour to chase that sucker down and brain him.

Speaking of braining, do zombies come out in cold weather? And if they do, do they disdain mushy, beaten all to hell brainz? If so, I believe I'm safe.


G-Man said...

Zombies do not care what the weather is like!!
Have you ever seen a Zombie wearing an Eddie Bauer Parka?
Heck Sherry, I've never even seen them wear a hoodie!!
On the other hand, I've never seen a Zombie wear a Sear-Sucker suit with Wingtips.
Nor have I seen a Zombie wearing Bermuda Shorts with black socks!
Zombies are flexible when it comes to the weather.

Serena said...

So what you're saying, Geesie, is that I'm not safe anywhere, any time and they can get me whenever they want. Great! At least they'll be well dressed. Thank God for small favors.:-)