Thursday, September 22, 2011

Leave It Alone!

How many of you are on Facebook?

How many of you like the new Facebook changes?

How many of you think there ought to be a law that if it ain't broke, don't fix it?


G-Man said...

I'm not on it enough to know what you are talking about.
But I agree with you Sherry...:-)

Marion said...

Oh, for the days when change was that stuff you jingled in your pockets!

I wish Facebook would just STOP FUCKING WITH THE SITE!! Oops...Tee-Hee....

Serena said...

Agreeable men are a good thing, Geesie.:-)

Amen, Marion! If we'd wanted something changed, we'd have said so.:)

Anonymous said...

i'm not on it

doesn't change fast enough for me



× × ×


puerileuwaite said...

It's too confusing. I think I just accidently friended Hitler.

Serena said...

TGIF to you, too, /t. TGIF NEVER changes.;)

We do always run that risk, don't we, Pugsley? Luckily for you you, they say that even Hitler liked pups.;)

quid said...

I have resisted all attempts to become a Facebook member. I have access based on our recruiting site at work and TOO MUCH CHANGE, all at once.

Mark Z should give it a rest for awhile.

PS Not having personal facebook is one less incursion into my personal life by others. I'm something less than a hermit, but not by much!


Serena said...

I hear you, Quid. I only signed up so I could keep up with the myriad baby pictures my niece posts. I definitely keep it private because, like you, I think there are already enough incursions into our private lives.