Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Not Just Us


Know what I found out yesterday via the wonders of the Internet? We're not the only ones pontificating on the threat of a zombie apocalypse. Apparently, it's been a primal fear for quite a while.

I say that because archaeologists recently dug up in Ireland some 8th century skeletons. Some of the skulls had rocks in their mouths, a medieval custom that people seemed to believe prevented the dead from ... coming back from the dead. The populace at that time apparently viewed the mouth as the portal from which the soul departed the body upon death and, conversely, the entry point for whatever entity might reanimate a corpse and make it walk; ergo, the custom of plugging the portals of certain suspicious dead people with rocks.

I'm not sure this is a procedure the CDC would approve of, much less Tweet. Presumably, they're in the process of devising more modern and sophisticated procedures for nipping zombies in the bud. I'm sure they'll inform us at the appropriate time. Let's just hope they don't try to get FEMA involved.


G-Man said...

I have my samurai sword ready for cleaving and be-heading Sherry.
(Just in case!!)

Anonymous said...

not to worry, SJ

you've got the tea party now
employ & otherwise engage zombies ;)


× × ×


Serena said...

As long as you're doing the beheading, Geesie. Just in case. I'm not at all sure I could do it, even to save my own brainz.:)

That is SO true, /t. Thank you for pointing that out! I feel much safer now. Happy Hump Day Eve to you!;)