Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy, Damn It!

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Chin up, kitteh -- it's Hump Day. Makes me happy, and not just because my hair looks (slightly) better than yours today.

I need happy.

We are now doing major Voodoo in the office in a last-ditch effort to "do something" about the Senile Senior Partner. Makes us happy. He makes nobody happy, so we'll be a hell of a lot happier when it starts working.

Happy Hump Day!


G-Man said...

Hey Sherry...
I have an extra VooDoo Doll you can borrow!!!

Serena said...

One can never have too many Voodoo dolls, Geesie, so yeah, bring it.:)

Marion said...

I hope it works, girlie. But, if not, it's downhill from here all the way to Friday which is the first day of Autumn (Hell to the YEAH!!!) It's been one of *those* weeks for me, too, but it'll be better by Friday, for sure. xoxo

Ms. Dragonfly, winging into Fall

puerileuwaite said...

If you turn him into a zombie, don't come running to me.

Anonymous said...


hey, nice kitty!

× × ×


Serena said...

Shoot, yeah, Ms. Dragonfly. I expect to still be alive Friday. Between Friday and the first day of Autumn, everything will look better. Here's to Friday.xox

We just want to turn him into a giant potato, Pugsley, and there's a slight chance that we "might" know what we're doing. If not, I WILL come running to you.;)

He is a fairly nice kitty, /t. -- sometimes on Tuesdays. Hope you had a memorable Hump Day.;)