Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I'm feeling restless and somewhat discombobulated and I don't quite know why. I'm damn lucky to have a roof over my head, clothes in my closet, and food in my cupboard. I know that, and I am appropriately grateful.

I think the fleeting pangs of restlessness must derive from that "it's complicated" status shrouding practically everything going on around me. Consequently, Serena-World's tilted ever so slightly on its axis. Something, of course, will happen to put the kibosh on the listless, unsettled spell and break it. It always does, and then life resumes its regular programming. And trust me, "regular" is plenty jacked up enough.

I wish the break would hurry up. Anxiety makes me ... restless. And it ain't pretty.

On the plus side, it's Hump Day. Have a happy one! myspace graphic comments


G-Man said...

Serena Joy...?
Are you certain that 'complicated' doesn't really mean 'constipated'?
That certainly puts askew...:-)

Anonymous said...

aha haha ha

(laughing at yr cat)


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Anonymous said...

Hang in there and grab an oar, 'cause we're in the same boat. Matter of fact, everyone I know is 'askew' at the moment too.

Serena said...

I'm pretty certain that's not it, Mr. G'sie.:-)

Don't be laughing at my cat, now, /t. That darn thing looks pretty much like my twin today. Happy Hump Day!;)

I believe it, Mike. Lots of us are an oar short and listing starboard these days. I blame it on bad moons and black holes.;-)

puerileuwaite said...

I know a hint when I see one. You obviously need a mysterious and dangerous Pug to breeze into your life and shake things up a bit.

As such, I've rented a copy of "The Postman Always Rings Twice" to prepare for the role. And also: a step-ladder, since I'm assuming your doorbell is standard height.

Serena said...

LOL, Pugsley. I'll leave a step ladder under the doorbell.;)