Monday, September 12, 2011

09/11/2001 - 09/11/2011

It was a weekend of remembrance and reflection for most of us, I believe. I found myself drawn to watching a lot of the 9/11 anniversary pieces on TV. It's still hard to believe that something so horrific as the events of that day could have happened. It was an act of war. On American soil. Against innocent people. And honestly, it was every bit as shocking to watch those surreal images from New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. today as it was the day they happened.

I hope and pray it never happens again, but I am not naive. It could. Today's world is a seething cauldron of hatred and unrest. Clearly, there is no simple remedy. We, meaning all of humankind, need to somehow work it out before we end up annihilating ourselves as a species. God help us.


G-Man said...

Wonderfully stated Sherry, I did much of the same yesterday.
9/11 was the Pearl Harbor of our time.

Serena said...

Thanks, Mr. G.