Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday Thingonmyblog

I actually had a pretty decent week -- until yesterday, when the Senile One decided to show his butt. I am, therefore, pretty darn grateful that TGIF is here. And for the long weekend ahead.

Happy 4th of July!

Your Fireworks Say You're Original

You are chaotic, inspired, and very creative.

You're so creative, people don't really recognize your creativity.

What's expressive for you sometimes looks like a mess.

But you don't really care... you enjoy making your messes!


G-Man said...

There's always fireworks surrounding YOU Sherry.
Have a relaxing Week-End
Galen xox

Serena said...

It sure felt like fireworks popping all around today, GM. It's HOT. I plan to have a very relaxing weekend, and so should you.
~Serena xox

Skunkfeathers said...

At least it wasn't my butt ;-)

Enjoy your holiday pun intended LOL...

Serena said...

You actually have a brain, Skunk,so you'll never have to worry about going senile and showing your butt.;-) I hope you're getting a long holiday weekend. Enjoy!