Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I like the music of birds. And crickets and frogs.

Cicadas, however, are driving me crazy! I guess they're cicadas, anyway. Or locusts, maybe? Are they the same thing?

Whatever they are, they're raising such a din that I can't hear the TV when it's cool enough to have my windows open in the evening. They're keeping me awake at night, even with the AC on, and waking me up in the morning.

I wish death on very few living creatures, but I have to admit I'll be glad when their short life-span is over.

There were two of them on the floor outside my door yesterday, one dead and one alive. The live one jumped at the dog and me and then flew off. These things are prehistoric looking. Scary. And BIG. No woman wants to see a two-inch long bug that makes more noise than Snookie. Ugh!


G-Man said...

I believe that people call Cicada's Locusts....
But true Locusts are more like Grass-Hoppers.
But you're right, they ARE annoying!
I think that Andrew Zimmern finds them to be delicious.
Deep Fried or Skewered!!
My Word Ver is lovebug.....

Serena said...

I don't know who Andrew Zimmern is, but ... ewwwwww! If I ever get that hard up for something to eat, somebody needs to shoot me.