Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hazardous Duty - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

I'm getting a really bad vibe from my workplace. I haven't even been there a year and we've had two female clients murdered by their husbands, one of them just Monday, and a male client who murdered his wife. This is not covered (or recommended) in the divorce brochure we hand out.

I've worked in a number of law firms and none of them ever had clients murdered, although we had a few clients of a murderous bent. Now I'm starting to wonder if when they're going to start shooting at the lawyers and paralegals.

I'm thinking some other line of work, like long-haul trucking or deep-sea diving or uranium mining or maybe the circus, might be safer.


Marion said...

RUN!!!!! Pack your stuff and hit the road, girlie! At one law firm I worked at, a client was nuts, but quickly institutionalized. He slipped a note under his lawyer's office door that said, "You can run, but you can't hide." LOL! Of course, we ragged him with that line for years. Tee-Hee...

It's a sign, Princess SJ. Polish up your resume right away (and your pistol)!


G-Man said...

Yes...You do need a new job!
I just saw an Ad for a Hot Red Head, knowledgeable in the art of lookiing beautiful, and making a Damn Fine cup of coffee!!
You came to mind....:-)

Serena said...

Yeah, I think it's a sign, too, Marion. Real bad mojo. I've fixed up my resume and plan to run the very first chance I get. This is just too much excitement for me.:)

Good grief, GM, I don't want a job as a barista. Hot coffee could be dangerous, you know.:)

Brian said...

You will be ok. You seem to have a head on your shoulders

quid said...

Love the picture! This string of murders associated with your office is, shall we say, a little off-putting. But, if the treatment of the staff (without regard to the overly AC atmosphere) is decent, what are a few murdering clients? Innocent until proven guilty, of course.


Serena said...

Thank you, Brian.

They don't really treat us that decently, Quid. It's definitely not a job worth risking life and limb for.:-)