Monday, June 27, 2011

$1.00 In The Hole

I had to go to work today because the lottery ticket I blew a perfectly good dollar bill on was a dud. Oh, well; such is life. Maybe one of these days I will nab the winning number. Probably not, but one can always hope.

I don't waste a lot of time pining and longing but, dang, somebody's got to get the right number sometime. Give me one rational, reasonably believable reason why it shouldn't be me.


G-Man said...

There is no rational reason Sherry.
You Deserve to Win!!!!

Serena said...

I DO, GM. Why can't the lottery gods see that?:-)

snowelf said...

I agree--there's no reason why you shouldn't win!! Your doggie deserves a mommie who can buy her a diamond collar just because. ;)


Serena said...

You're so right, Snow. A dog without a diamond collar just feels -- well, deprived. And poor.:)