Monday, May 23, 2011

Was It a Mayan Fortune Cookie?

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Well, here we all are on this fine Monday. It seems the world didn't end Saturday evening after all. Some folks no doubt have a large stash of canned goods, camping gear, and other non-perishables. More power to them. They just won't have to shop for a while. And who knows what might happen on December 21, 2012? Were the Mayans any more savvy than the Rapture People? We shall see.

I cracked open a fortune cookie last night and wasn't quite sure what to make of my, er, fortune: My reality check just bounced. What?! Should I be concerned?


G-Man said...

If the Mayans knew so much where are they now?

Serena said...

Beats me, GM. Maybe they got a bad batch of fortune cookies?

G-Man said...

This post looks remarkably like the one you did yesterday!!
Of course there were some minor differences that I spotted right off the bat.
I hope I passed the test!

Serena said...

GM is a smartass. Serena run out of time last night, not make new post.:P

Anonymous said...

i don't know
about you, serena joy,
but i was expecting more from
an event billed as 'end of the world'


× × ×


G-Man said...

Smart-Ass better than Dumb-Ass!!

Serena said...

Really, /t. I was expecting a few fireworks at the very least. Not sure I'm Rapture qualified, but what the heck, I'll make the best of it.;-)

Serena don't know, GM. Remember, Serena's cookie say her reality check bounced. Serena don't like no dumbasses, though, for sure.:)