Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It Ain't the Wisdom of Solomon, But...

I guess I'd rather have a ratty, tarnished tiara than no tiara at all. Sometimes glitter ain't all that -- and it wipes off pretty easily anyway with that Tarnish-Off stuff.

It's a state of mind; no secret handshake required. In the end, everything is.


Marion said...

I keep my tiarra polished up. You never know when you'll need to wear it.

I thought of you today when Ray and I were walking around the block. There are dozens of Magnolia trees blooming like crazy in several of my neighbors' yards. I only stole one, though. LOL!

Happy Tuesday,
Princess Dragonfly

G-Man said...

A tarnished tiara eh?
Now THATS a metaphor!
Now if I could only guess to what or WHOM your tiara might be reffering to.
Countess Serena.

Serena said...

Shoot, Princess Dragonfly, I'd have stolen a whole arm full. LOL. Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday.:)

How'd I get demoted to countess, GM? LOL. The tarnish is referring to my tiara, of course, which could use a good polishing. And we do all have one; just ask Marion.:)

rkfinnell said...

I used to have a tiara but it now resides in the nether regions of the last person who wasn't nice to me. So if you see some guy with a swagger, it ain't from being saddle sore. LOL

Serena said...

Well, I'd say you put your tiara to very good use, Roxan. Some swaggerers just need, er, adjusting. It's a shame you didn't get it back, though.:)