Thursday, May 26, 2011

Calling on Lola

I'm thinking of changing my name to Lola. You can probably guess why.

What I want right now is a 4-day weekend, and I'll be getting that beginning at 4:00 P.M. Yay!


G-Man said...

What about that Kinks song about Lola?
And you know what happened there!!
I would wager that you taste just like Cherry Cola..Cee Oh El Eh COLA though hehehehe
Happy Upcoming Birthday Sherry..
My Numero Uno...G

Serena said...

Yeah, I remember the Kinks's Lola, GM. LOL. Thank you for the early b-day wishes.

/t. said...


i like it

have a great weekend & birthday, too, if that's on the way

× × ×


Jingle said...


cute name,
love it already.

bless your weekend.

Serena said...

It has a certain ring to it, huh, /t.? B-day hits Monday, so thank you and a happy weekend to you as well.;-)

Thank you, Jingle.

Fresh Garden said...

Yes, I know, because my nickname is Lalo. ;)

Serena said...

And a cool nickname it is. Thanks for the visit.:)