Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Did? Didn't!

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If I do something particularly stupid but nobody else sees it and only I know about it, did it really happen? But ... if the dog was a witness and she looks at me and grins, does that mean it might have happened? I'm sticking with it didn't happen, and I ain't changing my story. As long as she doesn't speak English, I'm not caving to any doggie blackmail, either.


G-Man said...

What "might" you have done?
Maybe I can be of some help in determining either the stupidity or the reality of your action?
I have a tough time thinking that you would even remotely do something stupid...:P:P:P:P:P

rkfinnell said...

My cats see me do stupid stuff and as long as they get fed they keep quiet. LOL
I did a blog interview. It was horrible, but I hate being asked questions about how to write. Honestly, I could care less about someone else and their writing career. That's what writing forums are for. I want people to read my book-not teach them how to write their own. So am I horrible or what?!!

Serena said...

Only the dog knows, G-man, and she ain't talking. And hey, I'm not blind -- I see all those stuck-out tongues.:P

That's the key right there, Roxan -- keep their bellies full and they'll keep their mouths shut.:-)

No, I don't think you're horrible. One can either write, or one can't. I don't believe it can be taught.

rkfinnell said...

What really irked me was the blog kept calling Kickshaw Candies scifi. Even after I corrected it when I was writing my response. I have a hard enough time calling it a fantasy!

So have you been keeping up with what's going on. Amanda Hockings and the one about the author who went postal over a review? Fun stuff! LOL

Hockings-Way over-rated. Kudos to her success, but come on even crappy vampire stories sell like crazy.

Serena said...

Alas, no, I haven't kept up with all the behind-the-scenes drama; you'll have to fill me in on who insulted whom. In other words, I've been stuck in the middle of a dry spell and just ... vegetating. I AM working again, though, and feeling just a teensy bit of excitement about it.:)

Southern Writer said...

Hi Sherry! So glad you lured me over here. Mind if I hijack your blog a minute (?) to talk to Roxanne because I have not talked to her in f-o-r-e-v-e-r! Roxanne! You. Look. Gorgeous. I never knew you're that pretty. So you've got a book out now? It's Kickshaw Candies? Where is it available? I love reading and reviewing friend's books.

I know how you feel about teaching other people to write! After what I just said, this isn't going to make a lick of sense, but for the longest time I resented reading other writer's work. I had two crit partners who kept me so busy that I never had time to do my own writing. I finally said goodbye to both of them. Then my insane life got in the way, and I haven't been writing at all or keeping up with the industry gossip--and boy do I want to hear whatever it is you were talking about). I'm hoping to get my life back on track this summer, and start writing again. I limit my reading to the 30-40 minutes a day I get while on break at work...and it's perfect. I enjoy the reading then, and it doesn't interfere with the rest of what I have to do.

It sure is good to see both you ladies!

Serena said...

Hey, Lesia, it's good to see you again, too. You already know I'm a horrible e-mail correspondent, but I'm trying to do better.:)