Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Über Bored?

If you lived down here in the hollers with me, what do you suppose your name might be? Well, these here folks will tell you in a heartbeat. All you gotta do is click the link and do what they tell 'ya. You ain't got nothin' to lose, have you? Hell, it's Tuesday and it probably ain't gonna get much better, so why not? Just do it.

My good ole country name is Melinda Jean.
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G-Man said...

Serena er...Melinda Jean.
I actually took your little quiz.
Galen Lee sounds more Hillbilly than the name they gave me....
Clarence Joe!!

My tummy's a rumblin, I need some vittles!!

G-Man said...

Clarence Joe, Clarence Joe
Give em some "Shine" and watch him go.
Clarence Joe, Clarence Joe
Your nose is Red, it's got that glow.

Yee Haw...Fill er up!

Serena said...

I used to know a guy named Clarence. He was a ManSkank.

You're having too much fun with this, Mr. G-man. Found the moonshine stash, did you?:P

G-Man said...

ManSkanks are the bane of my existence!!!

Serena said...

Mine -- er, Melinda Jean's, too! She and Clarence Joe are gonna have to talk about this. Maybe they oughta have a little snort first.:-)

Skunkfeathers said...

You could adapt a Michael Jackson song with your "down in da hollers" name ;-)

Serena said...

I could do that, Skunk, if it meant big bucks. Moonwalking's out, though.:-)