Thursday, March 10, 2011


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It's been raining crazy hard here for more than 24 hours. We've gotten over two inches of rain so far. It might stop sometime late today. We just had over an inch of rain last weekend, so this is more than the local streams and ground can handle. The river is up and all the rescue people are on high alert. With the expected high winds today, it's anticipated that some trees will fall right out of the swampy ground and take out some power lines. Joy, joy.

We've been in drought conditions for months and we needed rain. Some rain. It would be nice if Mother Nature could strike a happy balance. Anyway, I'll be happy to get home tonight without a boat, and if I lose power, I'll see you when I see you.

Have a good -- and dry -- Thursday.


G-Man said...

Why Miss Sherry...
Y'all have EEELektricity in your part of the holler?
Ya best git up the hill if the creek starts to rise.
Have the jug and some vittles ready to move fast.
I'll be checkin in on you...:-)

rkfinnell said...

The weather has been rather crappy here too. Can't find a good balance.

I know I've been sparse these days. Trying to write and all that. Oh and there may be a Kickshaw Candies script in the works!

Serena said...

We do have that newfangled lektricity down here in the holler, Mr. G-man. Extra provisions and high ground, too, so I ain't that worried, though the cricks be a-risin' all around.:P

Hey, Roxan, good to see you! I wish I had some writing mojo. Alas, it done got up and went. I want to hear about the script, girl!:)

Jingle said...

the image is tickling,
love your humor.

hope that you cheer up, tomorrow will be full of sunshine.