Tuesday, March 01, 2011

2-1/2 Brain Cells

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I'd like to say something about the bitchin' rock star with the extraterrestrial brain and Adonis DNA who's tired of denying how special he is, the one who's been written about all over the Internet the past 24 hours -- but I'd be afraid he'd sue me. And I, a complete nobody, would be the one the asshole would pick. Geez. Where the hell are the men in the white coats when somebody is clearly screaming for them? A raving, dissolute, drugged out narcissist is not my idea of a manly man.

You know, I'm kind of proud to be a nobody who will never be dissipated by a life of excess and debauchery. Well, I might not mind a little debauchery every now and then, but I can guarantee you I'll never blow millions on it. Or fry my brain cells within a millimeter of their life. Or scare the hell out of porn stars. And I would pray that somebody will, for God's sake, get me a commitment hearing if I ever start ranting about my special greatness and everybody else's boring mediocrity on national TV.


Lee said...

I'm imagining it's Sheen to whom you refer, although he's not a rock star...no sheen left on his star! If I had the ability to earn $2m per episode...I'd make sure I protected it (the ability and the dollars) and wouldn't have bimbo hangers-on trying to get hold their so-called "share" of it! I think he wants to be another Hugh Hefner! Even dear old Hugh has shown more class throughout his life...and that's saying something!!

G-Man said...

If you are looking for a little debauchery, I happen to have some extra laying around, and I'd be glad to share mine with you!!

Nice rant BTW!!!

Serena said...

For sure, Lee -- the shine is off the Sheen. It's a downward spiral if ever I saw one.:)

Extra debauchery, Mr. G-man? How ... singular! Do share. I do do good rant every now and then, don't I?:-)

quid said...

Sadly, my life and debauchery are oxymorons. But then I look at Sheen and am thankful for that.


Serena said...

Mine, too, Quid. But there's always hope of a good debauch just around the bend.:-)