Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Zen of Tuesdays

After a blissfully warm weekend, it went back to cold, gray skies yesterday. Today, we're about to be waterlogged. But at least, it's Tuesday -- one day before Hump Day, two days before my weekend starts, three days until TGIF. I can see some room for optimism in that.

You Are An Idealist

You have your own quirky ideas about the world. Your mind just operates on a totally different plane.

You like esoteric things, and you are attracted to people who are a little outside the mainstream.

You are a big picture person. You absolutely can't stand dealing with details.

You have no patience for small talk or niceties. You like to get down to what's important.


G-Man said...

This profile ain't too far off Miss Sherry...
You ARE quirky
You DO like weird people
Patience is... well never mind
You DO get the big picture

Idealistic Serena, that sounds so very philosophical!!

Serena said...

Well, I reckon it ain't all that far off, Mr. G. Weird is as weird does. She's quirky like that. LOL.:)