Friday, February 18, 2011

Serena's Full-Moon Friday Playdate

I think (I hope) I've already been beaten up and banged around as much as I'm going to be by la pleine lune and that the worst is over. Therefore, I can perhaps chill just a little and actually enjoy my Friday. And you enjoy yours. TGIF!

You Are Fiction

You believe that life is magical, especially when you enter the world of ideas.

You are highly creative and imaginative. The real world often isn't enough for you.

You are optimistic and hopeful. You believe that we craft our own destinies.

You believe that if you can dream it, you can do it. And you do a lot of dreaming.


G-Man said...

Your magical life life is about to begin!!!
While you are crafting your own destiny....
Have a Great Week-End Miss Begotten.
Rest well and prosper!
(Thanks Spock)

Anonymous said...

i couldn't see
a passing of a full moon
without stopping by
to say



× × ×


Marion said...

I am fiction, too. I think that last question did it: "As you age would you rather keep your looks or your brains?" DUH!!! LMAO!


Serena said...

Yes, Mr. G., I'm planning on a great and restful weekend. I'm not holding my breath on magic and destiny, but who knows? I'll let you know if I manage to turn my laundry detergent into gold.:-)

Merci, /t.! Happy TGIF and an enjoyable Full Moon to you, too.;)

Yeah, that last question threw me, too, Marion. I want 'em BOTH. And I see no reason under the moon why we shouldn't have them. Have a great weekend, hon.:)