Friday, February 11, 2011

Serena's Friday Pre-Valentine's Playdate

TGIF, Happy Weekend, and Happy Valentine's Day!

You Should Get An Adopted Animal

You have a big heart, and your perfect Valentine's Day gift gives back.

Whether you get a real adopted pet or sponsor an animal somewhere, knowing you've made a difference makes your heart soar.

You believe that love is about giving and sharing - not about what you get in return.

You are a truly genuine person, and anyone would be extremely lucky to be loved by you.


G-Man said...

You should get a bag of Candy Hearts!
You've been talking about them incessantly!
I sure hope your Beau pays attention to your Needs!
Have a Great Week-End Miss Begotten

moondustwriter said...

Aww I think a pet would be the purrr -fect Valentine

Happy One to you

Mona said...

Happy Valentine Day Serena :)

Serena said...

I now HAVE some candy hearts, Mr. G. Who knew?! Now I have to dig into them and see what they say. Oh, and not to worry, my quir -- er, needs are being attended to.:P

And a happy one to you as well, MDW.:)

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Mona.:)